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When will you switch to milk?

Just wondering what you will do/have done and what your pedis have said. DS has had lots of milk based things and I don't think he will have any trouble. Whenever we make the switch we will do it gradually but I'm deciding whether to wait until his one year appointment (which is a week after his birthday) or just to start switching on my own a little before that.

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Re: When will you switch to milk?

  • I actually called my pedi about this the other day. She said since DD has had products with milk (cheese, yogurt...) that I could start now by either mixing an ounce of milk with the formula or doing half and half...whatever I was comfortable with. By one year I would like to be completely off formula.  
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  • He's had milk products for a while. We're trying to do half formula and half milk. I've noticed that he's been more spitty with his formula, but when the milk is mixed in, no problem!
  • I'm going to talk to her pedi about it at her 9-month visit. I would like to start switching and her be off of formula by 1 year. I'm just worried that my lactose intolerance might have been passed down to her.
  • At DS's 6 month checkup, my pedi said that the new rec is to keep them on BM or formula until 18 months before switching.  Apparently it's better for their brain development.  I'll be going back to work shortly after his 1st birthday, so I'll switch him to formula then, so I don't have to pump during the day.

  • I am BF, but DD gets a cup of while milk with meals.  She bearly takes any.  I also give her a bottle of whole milk once a day.  If we are lucky, she takes 2-3 ounces.  I would like to ween her by the end of May (mid-May b-day).
  • I've spoke with my pedi and my husband and I decided we want to wait to switch her until after her 1st birthday.  I was told they used to recommend going to cow's milk at 12 months because formula causes more weight gain (whether or not that true, I don't know).  We just want to wait, we already have to supplement with vitamins and she's a little peanut, so I'm not concerned.
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