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NJ Newbie with PCOS

Hi, I'm Jenn and I am 28 and I have PCOS, and we've been trying for over two and a half years. I've finally found an RE that I love (it's taken 3) and with a hospital I love (University of Penn) and have been doing a Research Study for the past 9 months.

I know that my situation could be a heck of a lot worse, I'm so thankful that at this point it is not. It's just been one heck of a year, since last Feb, I've been dealing with a boss that was an alcoholic, going through a divorce and getting a lot of backlash and serious stress from him. Not ever able to leave everything at the office. Finally after a slew of events that continued to happen since Sept. I decided to leave and am now working a much less stressful job with my husband's CPA firm (well not his firm, but a firm he works for) as a bookkeeper. While tax season hours are not the greatest, my whole attitude and stress levels are starting to recover.

This is my 3rd Reproductive Endocrinologist. The last 2 that I saw, when we were not trying, and I just was seeking some medical assistance in learning about PCOS, and learning how to manage it, were so rude, it was unreal. Their first response, with barely any tests - put me on Metformin, and then call when I wanted to start having a baby. Not once, but twice. Then, after being so upset and devastated from the behavior, after 2 years,

I decided to seek out some professionals at UPenn since they are a teaching hospital. That's where I found my doc. She is not only in charge of their PCOS Clinic, where she devotes every Monday to seeing PCOS patients, and only about 40% of them are women who are TTC. Not only does she do that, but she is also the head of IVF. So I know I'm definitely in good hands. She's very sweet, and super positive. While that's such a blessing from what I'm used to, it's a bit of an adjustment, because I tend to air on the side of pessimism, because through this experience I've found when I got my hopes up, they end up shattered.

She suggested the "research study" in June. I started 4 mos of weight loss, lost about 20-25lbs. Then I started the clomid.

Month 1 (November) on 50 mg of Clomid, I did not ovulate

Month 2 (December) on 100 mg of Clomid, I did ovulate, but did not conceive. After finding out that I ovulated, about a week later, I had experienced spotting (something that never happened with normal pms symptoms), cramps, migraine, etc. Then got my period

Month 3 (January) on 100 mg - I did not ovulate.

Month 4 (February) - on 150 mg - I did ovulate. I would say that I ovulated between 2/15-17. So that would put me right around 10-14 DPO. I do not have any of the symptoms I had the first time. NOTHING. Not one PMS symptom. Nothing. I took a pg test yesterday morning - it was negative. I don't know if it could be too early, and I really could be pg, or I'm trying to kid myself here.

Can anyone give me any insight as to the timelines of how things happen? My research coordinator didn't give me any in my last email to her, was just more or less concerned with me retaking the test on Monday.

What I'm wondering is, what's the timeline of everything from ovulation to fertilization to implantation to the release of the hcg. Say I ovulated the 15th - 17th, and we had intercourse the 13th, 17th, 19th, what are the chances? How long do things take?

She basically told me to stop worrying about it, and to just relax.

Re: NJ Newbie with PCOS

  • Hi , I will try to answer your q's the best I can  but here are some suggestions first . Don't walk RUN  and get the book Taking Charge of your fertility , it will take a lot of guessing out understanding your cycle and understanding lengths and so on . ALso sign up for fertility friend( click on my ticker ) and begin taking your temps. They have some super informative videos to learn about tracking your cycles . As a pco sufferer I have found temping and checking your cervical mucus  the best way to understand/ taking control of  my wonky cycles .

    O- 1 - 4   days from when you get   LH  surge or smiley face . Again its different for every woman 

    It takes about 7-11 days for implantation to take place  but if you don't know when you O (which is why temping is super hopeful because it tells you ) it could be longer .

     I can't stress enough how informative charting is if you have pcos .  GL ! 


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