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So, up until about 1 week ago, my baby has been VERY active always!!! Over the past couple days, he has definetly slowed down! My doctor has said I need to feel 10 kicks within 1 hour, and if I dont, to call.  Well, after I eat, and lay down and wait a bit, I will feel 10 kicks in that hour.  But, I used to feel 10 kicks within lik 2 minutes!!! Its starting to take longer and longer to feel these 10 kicks, but always still within 1 hour.  I know movements are supposed to be not as intense, but always read and thought that they shouldnt slow down... should be the same as always, just more "rolling" and less "punching"  Anyone else experience slowed down/less movements towards the end?
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Re: movements?

  • As your baby gets bigger he/she has less room to move and may stop being so active.  I did the same thing with my 1st.  If you're really worried call your OB and have them check the heartbeat.  It will probably be very reassuring.  GL!
  • Its because theres no too much room left in there! I always was told to have 10 movements in 2 hours & to count rolls, jabs, twists & turns along with kicks. Babies sleep cycles could affect the outcome too! With DD #1 I had a morning where after a candy bar & a coke I couldn't get her to move.... so I went in and they did a nonstress test. She was fine after that, guess she was just really tired!
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