scanning negatives

Hello!  I was wondering if anyone has ever scanned in negatives?  I'm looking to scan in approximately 10K negatives.  I have a 10 year old PrimeFilm 1800u, but I'm disappointed with the color quality.  If anyone has any recommendations for a negative scanner or software, I'd appreciate the input.  Thank you!
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Re: scanning negatives

  • Sorry, I have paid someone to do it, but never bought a special scanner (other than a flatbed attachment for low quantities) to do it myself. Perhaps you can call a place that specializes in it and find out what they prefer? I think I just googled "negative scanning" and found someone in my area that could do it.
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  • Thanks for the info.  It's a lot cheaper for me to do it myself (my parents want all there's done - good Christmas gift).
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  • Nikon sells film scanners for 35mm film but they can be really expensive....the ones I have used cost about $2000.  You can also go the cheaper route and buy a good flatbed scanner for around $150-$200 and buy negative holder attachments if you have different size negatives....from what I have used I know they sell 35mm, medium format and 4x5 attachments.  I would suggest going to camera store and asking what flat bed scanners they recommend.  

    As for software the best one to use in conjunction with the flatbed would have to be don't have to buy the newest one, I'm sure if you looked around someone would be willing to sell their old version like CS3 for cheap...just make sure the code still works because you can only use it on so many computers before it isn't good anymore. 

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