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Severe Back Pains

Hello Mommies! I am 31 weeks and i have been having really chronic pains. It almost feels like i was in a car accident and my entire body completely hurts. It feels like i'm bruised all over. I tried wearing heating pads, but it has not worked. Tylenol doesnt help much either. I've had a pretty rough pregnancy; i've been hospitalized 3 times throughout... If anybody has some advice please let me know. I am not comfortable in ANY position i get myself in. Thank You! 

Re: Severe Back Pains

  • i'm so sorry your in such pain - what does your Dr. say? you are allowed to take tylenol but i wouldn't take it too often if it's a chronic pain so you don't hurt yourself more.   what about a hot/warm bath?

    i wonder if it's baby pinching nerves or muscles or ligaments stretching out...what about yoga to help strech?

    hope you feel good soon or else the last few weeks go fast!!

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  • he said its mostly just the baby growing and its gonna make me uncomfortable from time to time... either way though, he sent me to the lab to get some tests done to make sure i dont have any stones :-( Results come back tomorrow so im praying it goes well. as for the tylenol, thank you. it helped a bit
  • With my last pregnancy I developed bad back pains right around 32weeks.  I mentioned/complained about it to my doctor and they gave me a Rx for tylenol with codeine.  I didn't feel comfortable taking it despite the fact that it's "safe."  They also suggested I visit with a chiropractor.  In general I'm not a believer in adjustments etc..However, they worked some miracles on me!  I had never been to a chiropractor before, it was just a 15 min. visit and I felt a million times better the next day.  I ended up going 1x a week for the last month of my pregnancy and REALLY regretted not going earlier.  Good luck to you!
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