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What exactly do "menstrual like cramps" mean?

So, I went into L&D a few weeks back because I was having constant menstrual like cramping.  The contraction machine showed I was having contractions, so they gave me a shot, and it stopped the cramp feeling.  Since then, I have had them on and off but nothing crazy or serious.  Well, the past 2 nights, I have been woken up out of my sleep and couldnt go back to sleep because I have been having pretty constant menstrual like cramping that is getting WAAAAY more painful as the time goes on....

What exactly are these? Are they contractions?  Is it just my cervix dialating/effacing?  I had an appointment yesterday, but forgot to ask this question. I am dialated 1cm, but wasnt last week, so not sure! Thanks.

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Re: What exactly do "menstrual like cramps" mean?

  • It sounds like contractions to me, but women can have contractions for a long time before they actually go into active labor. If you start noticing they are coming in a pattern I would time them. If they last a minute each and are coming every 4-5 minutes for an hour, you should probably call your OB 
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  • If they become so painful that you can't talk through them, then you should call in.
  • i am now 1 day overdue and i went into L&D yesterday for a non stress test and i was contracting irregularly...and they said everything is good to go like my cervix dilating and affacement (3cm and 8% effaced)....all i need now is regular contractions to start.


    well for the past 2 nights ive had this cramping tooo! i put it down to my cervix and my body practicing because they never really got worse! i was so fustrated hehe

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  • i had a lot of cramps like this in my 3rd tri with DD.  the Dr told me that they could be contractions starting here and there or that it was just from all the weight and pressure the baby was putting on that area.  contractions do feel like really bad menstral cramps, but i remember feeling them all over my belly and not just down low. 
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  • They mean nothing, in my case.

    I've had them on and off for weeks, sometimes more painful than others, but nada is happening in my world. Doc said they're normal practice contractions and that I shouldn't worry unless they become regular and timeable. Which is totally not the case for me...when I get them, they're constant and annoying, like I used to have with my period. Fun!

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