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XP from 24+ Please recommend your jogging stroller

1htI've heard from 2 people the Baby Trends Expedition is great but when I read the reviews on BRU, it only got 3 out of 5 stars.Which jogging stroller do you recommend w/o breaking the bank?Thx!

Re: XP from 24+ Please recommend your jogging stroller

  • I chose the Bob after researching for months. you can get a great deal right now on the 2010 model. 
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  • I have the schwinn freestyle.  My bestfriend who I will be walking with the most of the time has it and loves it. 

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  • after months of researched i settled on the Peg Perego GT3 and i looooove it! i has a hand brake which is brilliant! helps slow down quicker and if you live in a snowy climate it helps on ice and hills!  it's big and heavy but i think they all are.

    i'd buy second hand off kijiji or craigs list or somewhere. you can get any stroller for half the price easily!

  • We have the bob revolution and love it! Easy to manuever, the front wheel locks in place for jogging or swivels for walking around town, folds down really easily. We still have our infant seat in it as well.
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