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For those that used ferber...

Did you do it with naps also??? How was it compared to night?? Thanks!!!

Re: For those that used ferber...

  • We did it with naps too, but the naps seemed to be tougher for DS... We still struggle with naps at times (where he'll cry the whole 30 minutes if he doesn't have a paci - checking/soothing at 5 min, then every 10), even though he goes down like a champ with no fuss and no paci with the same routine at night, and has been for a long time. I have NO idea why the naps are such a difference for him! We're postponing weaning the paci for naps because of this (and he does fine with no paci at night).

    The worst for us is when he goes down easily (most of the time) and wakes up after only 10 or 15 minutes from coughing or sneezing (he has a little cold). At that point he's still really tired from not napping long enough, but too awake to goback to sleep. We usually end up keeping him up until the next nap time at that point. GL!

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  • We did it only at night for a week then the next week started in with the naps too. They were a little tougher but within a couple days she got the hang of it. Now she doesn't fuss for longer than a few minutes typically. 
  • We didn't do naps when we Ferberized for sleeping at night, and now I'm struggling getting DD to go down for her naps in her crib. I am planning to start Ferberizing her for naps this weekend

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