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Anyone know about Workers Compensation?

My husband got hurt on the job over a year ago, had to go to rehab for 9 months,  and it has left him with about 90% use of  one of his legs.  Although my husband can walk he will always have a severe limp  and will probably need a hip replacement in the future according to his doctor because of the limp putting so much pressure on the leg that is ok.  At his last appointment with his surgeon he was told that our State which is in  NC compensates state workers injured on the job and the check depends on the extent of the injury.  Has anyone every heard of this?  We knew that my husbands medical bills would be covered by the state but we never expected a check for his injury.  Just curious, Thanks

Re: Anyone know about Workers Compensation?

  • Yes, this is true.  DH has also been injured on the job.  We are deciding now whether to get a lawyer for the work comp or do it ourselves.  You get more with a lawyer, but you have to pay them so it isn't always the right move.  There is an equation for the 10% partial permanent and the amount he receives, but if there is a possibility of future surgery due to this injury I would probably consult a lawyer.  If you accept any amount of money you cannot go back and get more for the surgery.  There is a slim chance your insurance won't pay for it if they find out it is work related.  The future surgery may end up costing you more than any settlement.  I would recommend that you talk to someone who deals with this issues on a regular basis.
  • I had a worker's comp injury that resulted in back surgery.  Insurance covered the entire procedure, but I also received a cash settlement in compensation for the permanent disability.  As pp said, my acceptance of that settlement means that any future medical treatment I need as a result of that injury will be paid for by me (or my current insurance) rather than worker's comp.
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