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NBR: What do you think?

Hey guys... just a question about posting.  I wasn't sure if people were ok with this??

I've decided to start up my own business type of thing - basically something for fun. I'm looking to create some samples of my work and I figure, I can either actually make stuff that people would use or I could just make up my own things.  I think people would benefit from them.  So I was going to offer on here that I would give my service/product to anyone for free in exchange for me being able to put the work in my portfolio.  The question is I'm not sure if people would get mad that I posted it??  I'm really not trying to advertise it, I just figure some people might use what I have to offer.  

Sry if this is very general.  I appreciate the input!  Thanks!!

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Re: NBR: What do you think?

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