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Shoe help please!

Daycare has been requesting we bring DS shoes so he can play outside.  Well I have tried a couple of times to buy shoes, but get too frustrated.  He curls his feet so I am lucky if I can even get them on.  The one's I get on are way to big.  I found a pair at Kohl's that I got on and seemed to fit, but got them home and they keep coming off (I think the heel is too low).  DH and I have been arguing about it the last couple of days, I want to get him some nice shoes at a shoe store that I know will work, but he doesn't want to spend the money.  Anyone have a cheap brand that will stay on the feet while Playing?   I think he wears about a size 4 (which are impossible to find as well).  Thanks!

Re: Shoe help please!

  • I have a pair for Stride Rights that I got on sale and they stay on!  Also she has some from Target that do the trick as well. 

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  • I have some Smaller by See Kai Run. I love them. Ds likes to curl his toes too and it makes putting shoes on virtually impossible. I don't have a problem getting them on. He never tries to take them off (which is awesome since he takes off his other shoes and socks). I <3 them. I'm actually going to pick up a pair of sandles soon!
  • We have a Stride Rite Outlet at the outlet mall, I got DD a pair of Robeez and Keds, she can't get either off (miraculously). I bought the Keds a little big, because they have the hard bottom, and I know the soft bottoms are better for her stage (cruising, standing, not walking independently). I put the Keds on her for the first time today with thick socks and she couldn't stand well because they were unfamiliar. But if she were outside and a strong walker, I'd choose the hard bottomed Keds.

    I think I got both pairs for under $40 total, so I'd check if there's an outlet near you.

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