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Could you have/did you move when LO was under 3 months old?

My sister is due in May and she and her DH are thinking of buying a house.  They'd have to move when LO is about 8-10 weeks old.  She keeps asking if I could've done that.  I'm pretty hesitant to say "no" because I think you can always figure out a way.

However, I really don't know how we could've done it.  DD screamed for hours a night until she was 3 months old and I was a walking zombie.

The move would be in-town, and both she and her husband would be working.

Could you have done it?  Did you?  Any advice?

Re: Could you have/did you move when LO was under 3 months old?

  • I think I could have done it if I had to. Every baby is different too. Let's put it this way, I wouldn't NOT move just for that reason.

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  • we moved for the summer (H' had an internship). So it wasn't the same because we didn't have to completely pack up a house, but it did involve packing and moving and readjusting to a new place. It honestly wasn't that bad. But the 3 month period of time was one of the easiest for me. She was sleeping decently and didn't require much attention during the day.
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  • I moved when the twins were 6 weeks old. It was hard but it was not terrible. Granted, E was still in the NICU on the Friday but she came home on the Saturday. I had someone watch L and I helped as much as I could with designating where everything went and when. I packed all our stuff before I had the twins so it was done and out of my mind. You find a way to do it. They would have to probably take a day off (preferably a Friday) and just find as many volunteers as possible. We had everyone who could possibly help us come over and I fed them all. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. It was tiring but we did it.

    I moved again this past January but I was on strict BR and couldn't do anything. The twins were 10 months old and it was MUCH harder because they're so active now. It was easier to move when they were babies.

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  • We moved when my son was 3 1/2 months old and while it was tougher than previous moves, it can be done.  I made sure that we had lots of help from family and friends.  

     My parents were specifically assigned to watch my son and that made things much easier.  My MIL came up the week before the move and helped us pack and also helped babysit while we were packing.   

    The key is planning.  The hardest part of the move was actually unpacking and getting organized afterward.  We probably should have had more help set up so that unpacking in the new place went a little faster.  

     Good luck to your sister. 

  • I moved from Louisiana to California when DD was a little over 3 months. We drove for 3 days in a Ford Focus. She did great. She slept a lot and she was breastfed so that was the only difficult part. It wasn't really that hard on her more for us b/c the car was so small. I'm actually thinking about moving again once I have this baby b/c California is not the place for us.

    Are they moving across the city, state, or multiple states. If it's just across town that's really easy. Once everything is moved in she can take her time with unpacking and such. Good Luck to her and the baby.

  • We did it.  DS#1 was a really well-behaved baby though and I didn't even think about him being a hassle during the process.
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  • WE moved when DD was 2 months old.  It wasn't bad.  Although my case may be a bit different.  I packed everything up and FI came along and loaded it up and took it to AZ with his dad.  DD and I flew down 2 weeks later.  So while I didn't have to help load and unload everything with her in tow, I did all the packing and most of the unpacking and it was fine!

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  • I went back to work when LO was 3 weeks old.  That's after spending his first two weeks in a hotel in another state until we were cleared to leave Nevada with him and go home to Georgia.  Then when he was 4 months old we moved into a fixer upper and started major do it yourself renovations.  The move wasn't that bad.  We started packing well ahead of time and then used movers.  My mom watched DS on the day of the move.  

    I actually think it would be a LOT harder to move with a child who is walking.  It was nice to be able to put DS in a bouncy chair in the middle of a room full of boxes and not worry about him getting into everything. 


  • We closed on our house 3 days before DS1 was born.  It part part new construction that was only exterior walls (no heat, electrical, walls...) and the other part had to be gutted.  DH and I finished it in 3 months.  DS was in the NICU and had a few issues with being a preemie.  We moved in when he was 3 months.  This was not ideal, but it can be done.  A simple move is definitely doable.  My sister moved to a different state when her 2nd child was 1 week old. 
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  • We moved 1000 miles away when Em was 3.5 months old actual, 2 months adjusted.  I'm not gonna lie, it was rough, but the worst part was that we were without our stuff for over a week. 

    DD was not fun the week before the move.  I basically had to stay with her while DH packed most of everything.  If we had more time and could do it in stages, then I wouldn't worry as much. 

    Will they have the luxury of moving non essential things over before/after?  And when do they plan on packing if they're both working, just on the weekends?  At least at that age, the LO won't be mobile.

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  • We moved about 500 miles when DS was 3 mo old. It's not impossible, but it's not something I'd do again. It was hard to pack up the house, so I'd enlist lots of help or pay movers to do it. When we move again ( once more - I hate moving) I'm paying somebody. We didn't have family or any help really & it takes a long time w a LO.

  • I don't think it would've been any harder for us doing it when LO was 3 months vs. now.  She was STTN by that point so it would've been the same pain of packing with two kids.
  • We closed on our current house and sold our old house two weeks after having the baby. It is completly doable especially if you have some help.
  • These are all very helpful!  I'm sure my parents could go up and help them and they don't have a ton of stuff.  My sister is really good about getting rid of things. 


    I just had one of those deliveries where I could barely stand up for six weeks and at times felt like I couldn't remember my name because DD screamed so much. 

  • I had DD March 6 and we closed and moved into our house March 26. It was a rough couple weeks, but manageable. The hardest part was that DD never latched, so I was EPing, I still think that was the main reason my supply tanked and never recovered. It wasn't so much the actual move, but we had workers at the house non-stop for the first month and I was the only one home to deal with them, which left very little time for pumping.

    I think doing it at 3 weeks was easier than it would be to move now that DD is mobile and not as portable. In the first few months, we could just put her in the bouncy chair or swing, and if she needed a nap while we were at the already moved apt, she could sleep in her car seat. God I miss those days.

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  • We moved from one town to another (about a 30 minute drive) when LO was 6 weeks old.  My husband was working full time and I was preparing to go back to work the next week, and we only had one weekend to do it  (we had about 2 weeks to pack prior to the actual move.)

    DH left work on the Friday and he and his uncle took the first load of stuff to the new house, all the furniture except LO's crib.  the next morning we got a TON of friends together, packed all their cars full of boxes, and caravanned to the new house.  We repeated this most of that day, with me stopping off at either the old house or the new house to feed LO, change a diaper, rock her and let her sleep (but for the most part she spent the day in her carrier, riding from place to place).  That night (Saturday) LO stayed at my mom's for the night and i spent the whole night unpacking and arranging furniture.  the next morning my mom brought LO to the new house and helped me tend to her and finish unpacking.

    I'll tell you, I was COMPLETELY exhausted by the end of that weekend.  Bu it wasn't really from having LO with was more just from doing an ENTIRE move in the span of about 48 hours. 


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