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Quick question for those that have flown with a 10-11 month old...

DH. DS, and I will be flying from Denver, CO to Phoenix, AZ in May when DS is about 10.5 months.  It will be about a 2 and a half hour flight plus a 5+ hour drive to Denver. We are thinking about driving up the day before and staying the night so it is less travel for DS. 

 Main questions are, what would you bring to keel LO entertained? Also, did you use your car seat on the plane? DS HATES sitting in his car seat for extended periods of time and with a 5 hour car ride, I am not sure he will put up with the flight the next day and then driving in Phoenix to SIL's. How did your LO handle it?

Just mailing wanting toy suggestions I guess so we can start getting stuff now. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Quick question for those that have flown with a 10-11 month old...

  • I travel a lot with my kids, and honestly, between about 10 and 17 months are the worst times to travel.  They can't communicate very well and just want to be on the go.

    I always bring a carseat on the plane for a flight over 1.5 hours or so.  My kids know it's their "place" to travel, so it tends to help.  My DS also hates sleeping in people's laps, so he's more likely to fall asleep in his carseat.

    Bring a new toy or two and lots of small snacks (puffs? cereal?) and dole them out one at a time to fill the time.  Sometimes the simplest things (my sunglasses, a plastic cup, etc.) will keep them busy for a while.

    My kids routinely have to do an 8.5 hour drive to one grandparents house and a 4 hour flight + some driving to the other grandparents house so we just have to make it work.  Not every trip is sunshine and roses, but the kids just have to learn to do it.

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  • Totally agree with PP.  You'd be amazed how long DD can amuse herself with a poland springs bottle of water (i just remove the paper otherwise she'll eat it!).  If its a long flight, the seat is WORTH it...even if its just some place to put them when they are sleeping...otherwise your arm will be ready to fall off from holding LO. Traveling with babies is always an adventure.  Just remember...prepare for the worst and hope for the best!  

  • We had Julia's 9 month appointment a couple days before we flew to CA, and we figured we might as well ask him. He recommended getting a portable DVD player and a couple DVDs (she hadn't watched TV or movies before). She LOVED Baby Einstein and Baby Beethoven (made by Baby Einstein). Between the DVDs and napping, it went so much smoother than I expected.

    Giving a bottle/nursing during takeoff and landing helps too. DD was totally passed out (we flew in at midnight) on the way home and she woke up crying because her ears were hurting. That's the only time she cried during the flight.

    Good luck, I hope your trip goes well.

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  • Thanks! We'll be looking into all of this! I appreciate it.

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