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In desperate need of suggestions

I'm 17 weeks pregnant and as most pregnant women, mine has been really tough!!

I was hoping I can get some advice....

My skin is at it's worst!  Can anyone suggest what facial products to use that might help?  It's oily and dry and I have a new breakout everyday.

Bra - I was a C pre-pregnancy and instantly grew into a DD! Can anyone suggest a good wireless bra?  I'm currently living in sport bras.

 Thanks so much!

Re: In desperate need of suggestions

  • use soap! I use zest soap to bathe my whole body, even my face because I don't like the greesy feeling of any other soap or body wash. Just a suggestion...
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    use soap! I use zest soap to bathe my whole body, even my face because I don't like the greesy feeling of any other soap or body wash. Just a suggestion...

    Yay someone else who likes to use regular old soap to wash your face.  I once used Lye soap as an acne cleanser and I think it was the best thing I've ever used...and I believe you can buy some on Etsy now.  And it didn't even dry my out...which most acne cleansers actually do!

    As for a bra suggestion I have none.  I was a B before my first pregnancy and here I am in the middle of my second and still a B.  Where the hell are these boobs I was promised?  Everyone said theyd all of the sudden grow in my last month of pregnancy the first time...but I was forced into an emergency c-section situation a month and a half before I was due.  Some I'm still hoping my boobs will come.

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  • I am 16 weeks and my skin was bad before I got pregnant, and now it's just unbelievable. I also have a new breakout everyday. I feel two painful ones coming up as we speak!! :( Anyway, benzoyl peroxide is supposed to be safe during pregnancy, so use an exfoliating one; but do it gently otherwise you'll irritate your skin and will be all red. I use Proactive and it's as good as any from my experience or you can get the comparable version (can't remember the name) at Walgreen's or Walmart. Whatever you do, if you get a benzoyl peroxide cleanser and a topical cream, don't go above 2.5% benzoyl peroxide because this will just irritate your skin and higher percentages really aren't any more effective. Also, use a really good moisturizer such as CereVe or Cetephil Moisturizer and they're also at Walgreens or wherever and these are definitely the best over any other.

    P.S. if your skin actually looks really oily though out the day like mine does, clean & clear oil absorbing sheets are the best...the store brand is just as good, too...

    Although I haven't seen significant breast size increase, I went and talked to girls at Victoria's Secret and the pregnant lady there said she really liked "Incredible by Victoria's Secret Push-Up" while she's pregnant. I tried it on and liked it, too; but it's not wireless, but is comfy. Anyway, I would go there and ask them for suggestions and try on the "Incredible". Or they do have wireless ones, and I would just go try them on. Victoria's Secret really does make excellent bras.

  • Not sure what your band size is, but if you are a little larger, Layne Bryant has some wireless bras.  I don't have one only because they didn't make them in a small enough cup size.  I actually found a wireless nursing bra at Walmart that is SO amazing.  Good luck in your search!

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  • I like origins products for my skin. They're a little spendy, but you can get trial sizes for free to see if they work for you. 

    No suggestions on the bra, sorry! 

  • bar soap will totally strip your skins own defenses and overdry it which in turn can cause over production of oil and breakouts. Not a good idea. Use a gentle cleanser that gives you a good clean. Cetaphil normal to oily is nice.
  • Im in week 17 as well and within the past couple months my face started breaking out like im a freshman again. so i bought clean & clear foaming facial cleanser and clean & clear dual action moisturizer both are oil free...my face is so smooth and clear and both products are under $5 each...

    as for the bar only 1 of my boobs has really changed in size but when i need to im gonna go to lane bryant. they size you and theyre bras are totally comfortable.  

  • My face has been off and on with the breakouts lately.  I use Cetaphil currently (face wash and lotion). 


  • Proactiv for my skin...much better this time around!

    Get thee to a bra shop.  Have them fit you - I bet you would be surprised at how much better life is with a properly fitting bra.  Invest in one or two if you can afford it and live in them until your milk comes in :-)

    I was a D before pregnancy and cannot even bring myself to type what I wear these days...but I was wearing the wrong size!!!

    Good luck and remember, no pain, no gain!

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  • I stopped using my regular face wash because I read that salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide weren't good for you.  I used a regular dove bar soap and my normally excessively oily face was pretty close to normal and the breakouts subsidded!


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  • I have horrible acne when pregnant, too. I've tried every facial product on the market and what I've found that works best is plain old yellow Dial bar soap because it's antibacterial. I use a facial exfoliating sponge a few days a week in the shower. For pimples, I just put a little dab of Neosporin (or any other generic triple antibiotic ointment) and they clear up in no time.
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  • I too have been having major issues with my skin.  I found that using St.Ives apricot scrub for blemishes and blackheads really helps.  It has 2% salicylic acid but I was told by my dr that it's ok to use topically.  They are only concerned about people that take it in pill form. 

    With the bra, I found just switching to a normal nursing bra without underwire really helps.  I wear these all day long, they have support and they are super comfy.

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