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Would you buy a new crib mattress?

For our daughter we were given a crib mattress.  My husband thinks we should buy a new one for this baby.  What are your thoughts?  Would you buy a new crib mattress, or use the one that you already have? 

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Re: Would you buy a new crib mattress?

  • Assuming your DD isnt using that crib matress now, there is no way I would buy another one. I would absolutely use what I already have. - I love the sound you make when you shut up. Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers Lilypie Third Birthday tickers
  • Heck no, unless there were huge tears or it was extremely saggy. They are covered in plastic, so it's not like they are soaked with urine. The one we had was given to us and in amazing condition when we were done. I would say it was in almost the same condition as when we got it from a friend. We were very careful about making sure it was a very firm mattress and I don't think it changed much in the 18 months we had it.

    You could always get a mattress pad if DH is that worried about it. I wouldn't see anything wrong with it, but then again, we only have one LO. What exactly are his reasons for wanting a new one?

  • We recently switched DS to a bed (he will be 2 1/2 next month). I am not planning on keeping the crib mattress b/c we are not planning on any more kids within the next year or so and I don't want it sitting around that long not being used. So, if we have any more kids, he/she will get a new crib mattress.

    If you have the money, I would buy a new one just b/c it was used before your DD had it. It's probably pretty worn in. You want a firm mattress to reduce risk of SIDS.

  • I think it would be fine to keep the mattress you have as long as it is clean and you know where it has come from. But more than anything make sure it is a safe mattress (one with a fire blocker) , one that is of good quality and firm (to prevent SIDS). And another great quality is comfort! there are some great safe and made of visco firm at There are many changes in crib mattress standards as far as safety that do change . Hope this helps and good luck with new baby!
  • I wouldn't waste the money on a new one unless it had tears or something that made it look too worn out. We are even moving DD from her Toddler bed to a twin sized bed so we don't have to buy another crib mattress because I can justify buying a twin mattress more than another crib.
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  • Thanks for your opinions.  The mattres is still in great shape and doesn't have any rips or anything like that.  No, we switched our daughter to a twin bed last month, so it's just in the new baby's room for now.  I'm not sure what we're going to do yet, at least we have a few months still to make our decision.  I had just planned on using the same one and we went to BRU and put some stuff on a registry for our own use and he said we should get a new mattress.
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  • if your DD isn't using the crib mattress now, use it.

    My DS is in a regular bed so the crib mattress is in the closet. We are using DSs old crib mattress for DS2 

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