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Belly Bandit or similar products.....?

Have any of you ladies had any luck with them?

And how late do you think you could start using one pp? Do you think if I started it now it could still help?


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Re: Belly Bandit or similar products.....?

  • I haven't used the belly bandit but I do wear spanx and they help to keep the belly from jiggling.  I wonder if I'll ever be back to normal.  ::sigh::
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  • I bought shrinx hips. I could have worn it more but I started late and it wasn't comfortable. I'm holding onto it for after the next baby.
  • I had a belly bandit that I was super excited to use.  I think it's the biggest waste of money of everything pregnancy or baby related that I bought.  and I'm pretty sure they're mostly intended for the first 6 weeks PP.  from here on out I'm afraid the best bets are diet and exercise :(
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  • Honestly, no. They help your uterus shrink up and might help your abdominal muscles close up right after birth but can't do anything to reduce bodyfat which is probably what most of us are dealing with now.
  • I used a belly bandit (shower gift from my coworker) and was really happy with the results.  I didn?t expect it to magically make my fat disappear, but what it does is help get rid of that post-preggo jiggly jelly belly that just hangs out. Think about it, that skin has been slowly stretched for 9 months, so you need the constant compression (if you?re wearing it all the time) to help everything find its way back into place. I asked my doc and she said it was definitely worth wearing and she had other patients who saw results. It also made it easier for me be more active, etc and do those other things that help you lose the actual baby weight because I felt pulled in and supported. I don?t know how late after delivery you can use it and still get results, but I?m sure it?s better than nothing.


  • i used the belly bandit and shrink hips. i could have used the shrinks hips more but like pp said - not super comfy. the belly bandit def worked though. at my 6 week pp appointment my midwife was surprised that my abs were completely back together

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