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Curious: Godparents? Legal Guardian-thing?

Tell me your scenario, would you?

Do you do this because of religion [baptisms, etc], tradition, or did you do the whole legal route, too? And what is that called, legally? When you want your child's guardian to be a specific person?



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Re: Curious: Godparents? Legal Guardian-thing?

  • My dad and stepmother are going to be my children's legal guardians if something were to happen to me and DH. It's the whole legal route thing, we have it in our wills. We did chose them because of religious reasons, we know that they would raise our children in the way we'd want (being Christians), but we didn't chose legal guardians because of religious reasons. We did it for safety reasons. It's good to know you have people to care for your children should something happen to you.
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  • We choose Godparents at her baptism for religious reasons but we did not choose them as her legal guardian.  They are too young and would not have the means to care for her and all of our future children plus they are not related to us. We made a will that listed my husbands parents as the guardians and my parents as the executors of our finances.  My parents are more money savvy and helped us with the down payment on our house so we were more comfortable with them doing the finances.  Our families are very close and its not an issue between them.
  • My sister and brother are Godparents for religious reasons. I have not put it in a will, but have made it known that my sister and her husband would be legal gaurdians if anything were to happen to us. I should probably get it in writing!
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  • Ah! Okay.. I was curious about that, if people had different legal guardians in their will and godparents who are supposed to be their guardians in faith, right? Thanks.
    My LO's guardians will be out best friends. My family wouldn't raise him the way we'd like,  and frankly, FI's parents and family are just too old. 
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  • We will choose one of my sisters and their husbands to be legal guardians.  I still have to speak to them.  They live in Canada and I wanted to ask them in person, so I will do it when I go there in a couple of weeks.  We have chosen to ask them becaause they are very stable and we know that they would raise LO in a way similar to what we would.  DH's sister unfortunately really doesn't have the financial resources to take care of their own family and is brother has addiction issues.  The choice was pretty easy.  The only thing that would be a negitive is that she would be up rooted to another country should something ever happen. 

  • DD's Godparents is more of a religious thing for us. We chose people who we think are good role models for our daughters to look up to while growing up.

    Legally my sister would take the girls if dh and I were to die. This is written in our wills. 

  • We are christian but it's not part of our culture to choose godparents.

    We are in the process of writing a will right now about who should care for L if something happened to us.

    We are choosing my mom because she is the only person we trust to REALLY have L's best interest at heart.

    H mom is too selfish and unstable. My sister has 3 kids already and isn't financially stable. H's S would be an option but she lives with MIL and like I said, MIL isn't emotionally stable enough.

    Basically in legal writing my mom will be responsible. But we've spoken to her and she has instructions to choose someone to care for him if she is unable. We trust her to make that decision about who would be best.  

  • We chose godparents (my best friend and her DH) but not for religious reasons-just as a secular title. They'll be listed guardians for LO in our will, but in the case that our parents aren't able or are deceased.
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  • We are putting a legal guardian in our will, as soon as we agree.  Our parents are too old (in their 60's) so we are going with either my brother or my sister.  Even though they both have money, I don't want to saddle them with the expense of raising my child.  We have life insurance to cover raising LO and schooling.

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  • We have godparents and we have legal guardians. They aren't the same.

    Each of them have different godparents. L has my SIL and my H's best friend; E has my BFF and my BIL; and A has my friend and my (other) SIL.

    Their guardians are the same, my BIL and SIL. It is written in our will and it's 100% legal. You should always make sure you have a LEGAL guardian because, God forbid, something happens and it will be legal and your children will have somewhere to go. We're the legal guardians for my SIL/BILs baby too.

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  • Godparents are 100% religious or social convention. It has zero legal clout and would play no role in deciding who your child would go to. Guardianship as spelled out in your will is what is vital. We are not doing godparents and are still working out guardianship. It makes me nervous that we haven't worked it out yet--we need to get back to talking about it!
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