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holy lightning crotch!

I've gotten lightning crotch occasionally for the past few weeks, but tonight it's insane. Anyone else get it rapid fire?

Re: holy lightning crotch!

  • Me too. I was going to ask my dr about it at my appoint on Monday.


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  • yeah i had exactly that a few weeks ago..now its sorta died down from rapid fire to intermittent strikes but it still makes me jump a lil' when im sitting down or wanna grab myself when it happens! as if that would stop the lightning bolt from escaping, its crazy.

    i used to describe it to my dr as feeling like i was being impaled from the inside out. Early on my dr told me it was the baby hitting some nerves but now when i get it she says its cuz my LO's head is really low. its definitely a duller lighning bolt nowadays... if that is any consolation..

  • my due date is Tuesday....and for the past 2 days i have been up at night with this (seems to only happen before and when in bed!)


    its so painful....sitting down makes my "jolts" worse! xx

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  • Yea me too!!! I am not sure what it is or what is causing it. But I described it to my husband as being kicked repeatedly in the vagina with a pair of steal toe boots!!! I having been experiencing this a lot lately! Maybe its progress!! 
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