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(just posted this on the breastfeeding board, but I thought I'd try here too!)

how do i wean from breast to milk in a sippy cup?? I breastfeed exclusively 5 times a day...I just don't know how to go about substituting the feedings for reg. milk. I want to wean gradually (substituting one feeding for milk every week-two weeks) but it seems like a lot for him to eventually have 5 cups of milk a day....and how much milk (how many ounces) do I put in the sippy cup? Thank you in advance for your help!

Re: weaning

  • I started by mixing the BM with whole organic milk. I put 7 oz of BM and 1 oz milk. I started to change the mixes as the weeks went by. I'm still BF and he is now at 1 8oz of milk and 1 8 oz of BM. By next week he should be completely off of BM in the cup. I will still be BF in the mornings and night.
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