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boobies...need reassurance

SadSo I'm a little scared, I know my betas were good yesterday, but this morning my breasts hardly hurt, nothing like it has been,I'm on progesterone and thought my symptoms should be getting worse not better, some reassurance would be nice, any ideas?  I'm terrified because with the first mc my symptoms just stopped before I even started bleeding...also no m/s just hungry all the time.
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Re: boobies...need reassurance

  • My boobs haven't really hurt much at all thus far so I can't speak to thc concern about losing the symptom but I can say that I too haven't noticed symptoms getting any worse after starting progesterone.  I thought I would notice a big difference but haven't noticed anything other than the discharge.  My second round of betas still doubled though, and I hoping the same will be true of yours. :)


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  • It's completely normal for symptoms to come and go. Or to not have many symptoms at all. My boobs never hurt and I hardly had any other symptoms. Try not to worry!

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  • In the early weeks mine would go from hurting really bad to not hurting at all...and this changed almost daily.  All of my "symptoms" have been like that.  Hopefully you will get beta information soon and that will help ease your worries a bit. 
  • My symptoms have been coming and going, and have been pretty mild when they've been here.  The ladies here said it was normal when we asked a couple weeks ago.

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  • I am 6w3d and my symptoms come and go.  Last week, there was a day where my boobs were not sore at all so I got really worried.  Few days later, the soreness came back. It still fluctuates.  I hate when these symtoms mess with our minds.  Try not to worry so much.

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