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In need of some advice and some friends i can talk to about gestaional diabetes.

I was diagnosd with GD at 27 weeks, and went to see the dietician today, im now 30 weeks and 1 day, i dont know anybody that has GD or that had GD and after seeing the dietician im really scared.. i know theres a chance of my baby being bigger. which scares me bc im only 4"6 and they were already talkin csection. im worried that when my BS gets too high it will hurt the baby! !

 Some one please help me be able to clear my head..

Im on facebook my name is Andrea Nicole Risola.

or you can email me at risola.andrea@gmail.com

Re: In need of some advice and some friends i can talk to about gestaional diabetes.

  • First of all, take a deep breath. The extra stress is not good for you or the baby. 

    Secondly, you are doing the right thing by talking to a dietitian, Take what she says and apply it. It is all very over whelming at first, but once you get into the hang of it, it really isn't that bad, just time consuming and bothersome, at least for me. 

    With a good team of doctors and self control, it's a very do-able thing. Just remember everything you do, you are doing for your baby. GD today is still serious but not nearly as scary as it was 20 years ago.

    Finally, fwiw, this website helped me a lot when I had gd with DS and I still go there from time to time  http://diabeticmommy.com/ 

    HTH and hang in there.  

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  • Don't worry. Yes there is a chance you will have a big baby but that only happens when you don't control your diet.  Your dietician will give you lots of info.  The most important thing will  be to give you a guideline of carbs to follow. 

    I have had this twice.  The first time I had it my baby was 6lbs 4 oz and she was not early.  I was diagnosed at 14 weeks this time. I am not worried, I check my sugar 2-3xs a week now before it was 4xs a day. As long as I stick to the #of carbs Dr recommended I only have to check a couple #'s a week.

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