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Weird Pressure...

I am 28 weeks along and for the past two days I've had this weird, achy pressure right beneath my breasts, at the very top of my bump. It almost feels like it's a bruise about to appear but so far no skin discoloration. I didn't experience this with my daughter, so I haven't a clue what it is....
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Re: Weird Pressure...

  • It could be the position the baby is in.  I had a pain on my upper left abdomen and it turns out I tore an ab muscle.  Or maybe you did bruise yourself.  I tend to have unidentified bruises and I don't remember how I got them.  If you're uncomfortable and tylenol doesn't help I would call your OB.
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  • I had the same thing but the Dr. said it was probably baby's feet kicking up under the rib cage. It was painful! Now she is sitting on my bladder. Not sure which one I prefer ;-). Hope it gets better soon for you!
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  • I had something similar when I was pg.  It was on my left side & was pretty sure it was DD's elbow, foot or something similar.

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