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Lurking from 3rd tri...what to do in the final weeks?

Hello new moms, I'm lurking. But wanted to get some advice/opinions on what my husband and I should do in the final weeks before baby...I mean, what kind of stuff should we do that we won't get to do for a while? I am trying not to wish the time away (I have about 3.5 weeks to go). Just hearing some opinions might be nice. I just got my hair done last week...I'm going to schedule an appointment to get my toes done soon and hubs and I have been going out to eat a lot, too. Anything else you can think of? TIA!

Re: Lurking from 3rd tri...what to do in the final weeks?

  • You won't have a love life for a while, so if you are in the mood... take advantage of it!  I didn't get a lot of cleaning done for a week after because of soreness and exhaustion, so get a good one in! Also, a weekend away was awesome! Spend as much 1:1 time w/ your hubby as you can and enjoy :)  
  • I wish I would have seen some movies in the theater.
    I also wish I would have gotten our house super purged of stuff we don't need.
    Getting a haircut is a great idea and going to dinner is nice too!


  • SLEEP :)

    and dates, spend some one on one time together <3  but seriously, get as much rest as you can.  

  • Everything that you mentioned sounds great.. do those things.  But above all.. SLEEP.
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  • The one thing I am glad I did was stock my freezer, seriously with easy meal ideas, and single serve options for myself. I made it so that other then for essentials (milk and bread) I didn't really have to grocery shop for like a month.

    The thing I wish I had done was go see some movies in the theater. I didn't realize that would feel like such a luxury after DD was born.

    Get the oil changed in the car if you go somewhere to have it done, it's really not fun dragging a baby there and then having to sit there the whole time waiting, plus if they see you so obviously pregnant they might feel bad and push your car to the front of the line!

     Hang out with friends you haven't seen in a while, you'll be tired and won't want to take the baby with immediately afterwards so by the time you get around to seeing friends it will feel like forever and they will be neglected. Do it while you still can so it will hold them off longer after DD/DS arrives!

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  • I wish I had cleaned my house better.  DD was 12 days early and it had been in the plan for the weekend.  Also, don't sit around the house too much.  You'll be doing a lot of that coming up here soon.  Snuggle with your DH as much as possible.  A little one will take that place very soon.  It may sound boring, but get all that maternity leave paperwork and other mail, etc. that's been piling up sorted.  Two weeks out and I still haven't gotten my forms filled out.  If at all possible for your family, don't stress about money for at least a month after LO arrives.   

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  • Clean your house!! A serious clean, as in cleaning out closets and donating stuff, organizing, getting rid of clutter. I can manage to do dishes and laundry with LO here, but I can't do any big cleaning.
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  • Clean your house, shave your legs, get a haircut, go out to dinner, watch a movie, take a nap.

    Those first few weeks sucked, that's for sure. It was a blur of no sleep, dirty hair, pajama pants and tv dinners.

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  • Enjoy being pregnant, once pregnancy is gone, you will miss that round belly moving...
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  • No matter how much sleep/movies/time with DH you get now, it will all change...good news is that you get some of that back pretty quickly (if you make the time for it). Life will never be normal just develop a new sense of normal! One that includes 2 loves of your life! However, while you are waiting for LO, I recommend reading about babies. I didn't prepare myself at all for anything and was totally lost on little things! Books I recommend: Happiest Baby on the Block (about soothing a fussy baby), Baby 411 (a great Q&A book on all things baby!), Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child (this author is a proponent of the Cry it Out method- but even if you are not going to use that method, there is a lot of other really great info in there). I also recommend journaling about your last few weeks, cleaning the house (it won't get done again for a while unless someone else does it for you) and making sure you have food in the house to eat when baby arrives. Either cook and freeze stuff, or just have a lot of easy to heat stuff around- but just try to make it healthy stuff! GL!!
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  • Don't freak out about how everything is going to change b/c it's really not that bad. If you keep a good attitude and have a supportive partner you will find you have the tools you need to deal with whatever comes you way. 

    IMO, getting extra rest now won't prepare you for what's coming, the sleep deprivation is by far the worst part but it is what it is and you will just deal with that also.

    I'm glad I stocked my freezer, cleaned and organized my house and spent as much time with DH as possible. I'm also glad I accepted all offers of help from friends and family.  I wish I would have gone out for more dinners and movies in the theatre. I wish I would have spent less time focusing and reading up on childbirth and more time reading about breastfeeding and dealing with a newborn.  

  • Go out and see all the movies you want to.  Buy double the amount of wipes and diapers you think you'll need.  Cook and freeze like crazy- you'll be eating pizza and Wendy's often otherwise.  And look up a New Mom's group so you can get to one after you have the baby.  Also put togther a list of all important #s and hang it up in the kitchen (your ob/gyn, pediactrician, pharmacy # etc.) so you won't have to go searching later with a screaming baby in your arms.
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