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What does mastisis start out like?

I went back to work yesterday and dd2 has a nasty cold and not eating as much, so I got really engorged a few times. I did pump while at work and I also did this morning at 4 because I couldn't get dd2 to eat. At first this morning I thought I had a clogged duct but my entire left breast is really tender to the touch and now I just noticed I have a red spot about the size of a half dollar. 

I've tried massaging and nursing more (dd2 is still sick though and not interested in eating). Anything else I can do? Does this sound like mastisis or just a clogged duct? Or nothing at all lol.....

Re: What does mastisis start out like?

  • It starts as a clogged duct. Try warm compresses before and after pumping. Feel better!
  • Not much help but with me I was gritting my teeth through an entire feeding it hurt so bad and my temperature spike on a monday went away and then came back even worse on friday! I would call your Dr  to have it checked out. Decreasing the feedings/pumpings will absolutely kill your milk supply so try to keep pumping the same or more then you were before (even if it hurts) Good luck.
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  • That sounds like mastisis to me. Don't ignore it, that's what I did and ended up really sick with a 103 temperature. I would advise going to the doctor to get antibiotics.

    If it is hot to the touch and red then it is not a clogged duct.

  • Like PP's have said, it will start out as a clogged duct/red splotchy area on breast/tender breast.  Do not ignore it though- I didn't think it was possible to get it before you delivered and I ended up with the WORST flu symptoms and fever ever.  It was miserable, so get to your doctor before you start to feel worse (it came on really fast for me, started to feel flu like at 2 and by 3 I thought I was dying).

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