Trying to Get Pregnant

I was going to wait until tomorrow morning... (BFP)

but I just can't hold it in! 

I have a new favorite word!


I spotted on 10 and 11DPO and actually thought AF was on the way.  I had completely given up on this cycle.  Then my spotting stopped 11DPO in the evening and my temp went up on 12DPO.  I decided to test just for the fun of it. 

12DPO I saw a very very faint line on two ICs and nothing on a First Response. 

I went and bought a set of three digitals at lunch on 12DPO because I decided I wanted to see the word "pregnant" whenever I got my BFP.  When I came home from work, I decided to POAIC again since I have lots on hand.   I saw another very very faint line.  I decided to go ahead and dip the digital.... and about 30 seconds later I saw the wonderful word that I have been waiting for for 5 cycles! 

I immediately grabbed my dog and put his little sign on, telling him to "go get his daddy."  He ran into the living room and jumped on the couch next to MH.  At first MH didn't understand...  he asked my dog, "what does that mean?"  LOL 


I then ran in with the digital screaming "I AM PREGNANT!!!!"   He was in shock I think- he kept saying he thought it was too early and thought we were out because of the spotting.  It was great! 

Things we did this cycle:  we used PreSeed during my fertile time, but that is nothing new.  I did not drink tea or pineapple core.   I may have Oed on either CD15 or CD16 (I had an open circle on CD16 because I temped an hour early- my O date changes to CD16  if I use the earlier temp and CD15 for my regular temping time but sleep deprived). 

Symptoms:  none really.  I was really tired 1-3DPO.  We have had a lot going on in our house this past week, so my stress level has been extremely high.  I haven't really noticed symptoms, but it may have been because I was so distracted. 

EDD either Oct 27 or Oct 28.  

I know it is still early, so I am just praying that this is a sticky baby. 

I just want to thank all of my TTGP friends.  I have learned so much and developed some wonderful friendships.  <3 to all my girls. 

Married 08/18/07
BFP 02/15/11 EDD 10/27/11 Born at 35w3d on 09/25/11
BFP 10/13/12 EDD 06/25/13 Born at 37w0d on 06/04/13 

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Re: I was going to wait until tomorrow morning... (BFP)

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