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uh oh, I was cleaning the bathroon and....

So I was cleaning the bathroom and I put toilet bowl (the works) cleaner in the toliet and then proceeded to spray down the rest of the toilet with bleach cleaner it created a chemical reaction with a harsh fume. It hurt when I accidently breathed it in unaware of the chemical reaction that had happend.  I am nervous that it may have harmed my baby,,, any thoughts? I am a first time mom and am just unsure of all these little things.

Re: uh oh, I was cleaning the bathroon and....

  • As long as you left the situation immediately, and didn't stay there and inhale it like my grandpa did years ago, then you should be fine. But call your doctor if you want to make sure. 
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  • You're fine ... as long as you're not huffing paint and chemicals on a regular basis ... one little incident like that is really unlikely to harm the baby. Think of it this way if you ever start freaking out ... some people are crack addicts, alcoholics, go on roller coasters, smoke (and btw, watch TLC's "I didn't know I was pregnant" ... it should make you feel better) and still manage to deliver surprisingly healthy babies. As long as you are conscientious and make smart choices on a daily basis, and try to do what's best for the baby ... chances are, you'll be OK.
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