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Anypne else clingy?

I'm seriously a very independent person. My dh is usually the clingy one, which can bother me at some points. Lol. But now I feel bad becuase I'm super clingy. I want him around, and I feel mean, because today I want a family day and he just asked me if he could go hang out with friends. (This is after yesterday he spend all day with his friend and left me to listen to the gf of the friend complain for 10 hours) And I told him straight up that "yes I mind" "I wanted a family day". And now I don't know what he's thinking... cause he's not saying anything to that. And I feel bad becuase usually I wouldn't have an issue about this. But it's our last week as a family of 3 and I want to take advantage of it.

Anyone else clingy or feeling hormonal?

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Re: Anypne else clingy?

  • im so clingy and my husband is out 24/7 working and going to school...he always tells me off when i wine when he goes! :) and also last night i cried for no reason in bed because i knew he was getting up at 6 am the next morning and i wouldnt be able to go back to sleep without him!

    dam hormones :)

    when he returns i dont wanna leave him alone and he is not the affectionate type so its pretty funny...looks like a girl is trying to run round after a little boy and give him cooties xD

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  • I had a mental breakdown this weekend somewhat related to this.  I have been feeling emotionally disconnected from DH becuase we have been busy doing stuff but don't really talk a lot.  When I told him how I felt he misunderstood and thought I was criticizing him for not being there for me.  After I had my meltdown I explained to him that I wasn't attacking him, I just didn't feel very close lately becuase I have been so preoccupied with baby and he has been busy with work.  He said that right now is tough because we have a lot going on but I told him it wasn't going to be any easier once we had a baby to care for.  I'm pretty independant too but some time alone together just talking would be nice.
  • I am either feeling very clingy or I dont even want to look at FI,  I am guessing it is b/c of hormones! Most of the time when he is home I just want to cuddle and be together.  I just haven't been feeling loved lately.   
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  • I don't think any of that sounds unusual or unreasonable.  The feelings are probably hormonal, but I don't think they are unusual.  If he hung out with his friend yesterday then he should hang out with you guys today...sometimes guys are just dense and only think about what they want at that particular second.  He's probably not spending as much time thinking about how your family is about to change, etc etc.   I'm sure if you 'make' him spend the day with you he'll end up enjoying it and appreciating the final time he got to spend as a family of 3.

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  • I'm right there with you. DH is working everyday, has classes at night, and stuff with the fire dept. I'm not working so I sit home with the dogs all day long. I had a breakdown the night before Valentines day because I was signaling DH that I was up for some sexy time and he totally didnt get it. I cried all night and again yesterday morning. Then he brought me home roses and I cried at the card and felt like a jerk. I'm just ready for this baby to get here so I can stop being a psycho.
  • I am.  DH stops after work with friends once in a while to eat and get a few beers..it drives me nuts usually but I don't complain, I just don't get it.  He is lucky he works with his 3 best friends, so I don't get why he needs to go out AFTER work when they have been together BSing all day long.  I want him to have his time (even though I never have my own time) but when I am pregnant I have zero patience for it.  I am exhausted by the end of the day and I want him home to help me out.  I don't get why he calls and asks if he can go, I won't say no but he can tell when I don't really want him to so he either a) goes anyway or b) complains that I never let him do ANYTHING (farthest from the truth, plus I'm not his mom) and is in a crap mood when he comes home and makes me wish he would have gone out.  He makes up for it by running errands for me and cooking a couple times during the week, so I can't complain I guess..besides I am being clingy for my own selfish reasons, not because I want to spend extra time with him, lol.
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  • Definitely, I want to be around my H constantly. I'm a crazy bee-otch. It doesn't help that he's been gone with work so much lately.
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  • My DH is that way sometime. I want a family day and he will say well can i go work out for 30 mins. So then im like ok but then you spend time with us. Then after he is all clean he say well i need to go work on some stuff on the computer. SO then the day is shot after that he seems to always find something else to do. Drives me nuts.
  • I am pretty clingy to mine. He doesn't mind it though. Also if your DH left you alone yesterday on Valentine's Day why shouldn't he spend family day with you today?
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  • (raises hand)  me, me!!

     SOOO clingy.  DH doesn't seem to mind right now, but I feel like I can't get enough time with him.  We don't spend a lot of time together because our work schedules are opposite and we have a bunch of other stuff going on, but when we do spend time together, it never seems like it's enough. 

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