Postpartum Depression

Zoloft week 4

Tomorrow starts week 4 of Zoloft. I really can't believe this much time has passed already. What a difference, though. I can't believe the change from now compared to when I was diagnosed only 3-4 weeks ago...

It is very rare that I have negative thoughts. Though, they do happen, it is so infrequent.

Night time anxiety has also rare, but sleeping is still an issue in general. Maybe that's just pregnancy.

I am overall laughing a lot more with DS. I think things are getting better. I am feeling happier, and seeing things differently. I feel like I am enjoying things now.

I know this will still get even better, and I am really looking forward to it.

I don't want to be on this medication for my whole pregnancy if I don't have to. Do you think I could still wean before the baby is born? Or would I end up where I started?


Re: Zoloft week 4

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