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Zoloft week 4

Tomorrow starts week 4 of Zoloft. I really can't believe this much time has passed already. What a difference, though. I can't believe the change from now compared to when I was diagnosed only 3-4 weeks ago...

It is very rare that I have negative thoughts. Though, they do happen, it is so infrequent.

Night time anxiety has also rare, but sleeping is still an issue in general. Maybe that's just pregnancy.

I am overall laughing a lot more with DS. I think things are getting better. I am feeling happier, and seeing things differently. I feel like I am enjoying things now.

I know this will still get even better, and I am really looking forward to it.

I don't want to be on this medication for my whole pregnancy if I don't have to. Do you think I could still wean before the baby is born? Or would I end up where I started?


Re: Zoloft week 4

  • yay! Personally I'd just stay on the meds. You're going to have 2 babies and it's going to be tough. If you really want to wean off, your OB or pedi will be the best to discuss it with.

  • Great news!  I agree about talking to your pedi about it.  If he/she is okay with you being on it the whole pregnancy, I'd probably lean toward that.  If you really don't want to though, I think I'd make sure to go back on as soon as the baby is born (like in the hospital) so you don't go through the same difficulties again.
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  • congrats!  I'm glad things are getting better!

    I'd stay on them for a little while after the baby is born, just to be sure you won't end up where you started.

    Good luck!

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  • Talk to your doc but I would def rec staying on them. Esp since ur hormones will drop like crazy the second u have the baby. 

    So happy your doing better!! Knew it would happen. Just takes time =) Enjoy your baby and pregnancy. 

  • My problems started when I was taken off my antidepressant and not put back on another one during the beginning of pregnancy. Now I am on Zoloft and it has worked, but I still have the fears of what's going to happen after birth. I also heard some doctors wean you off a month before your due date...In my opinion I do not want to get back where I was before. My depression and anxiety was unbearable and I definitely want to be able to enjoy my baby. I'm hoping my doctor lets me stay on it.
  • Consult a medical expert on matters about Zoloft and pregnancy. Just a quick caution, during pregnancy, taking antidepressants like Zoloft may be harmful to your health and your baby's health as well because of the side effects it may cause. These include Zoloft birth defects to newborns, miscarriage, delayed development and withdrawal symptoms. It is essential that you ask your physician for safer depression treatment.
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