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can you take classes at a different hospital?

Im just wondering if any one knows this.. 

Last night i had a minor freak out because we have taken no classes, no birth classes no breast feeding, new baby, cpr classes nothing. Before i was ok with that.. no i am freaking out.

Well the hospital I am delievering at has some classes.. like lamaza (sp) and the tour of the hospital. Which im taking the tour but the child birth class is 150 per person and since we are in the middle of moving we just dont have that extra 300 to drop on that right this second. ( I'll be 33 weeks tomorrow) Well a hospital that is close by has classes like a BF class for only $25 dollars a person.. Newborn class for $25 and child birth class for $100 , all per couple.

Do you think since im not delievering at the other hospital I can take classes there? My doctor isnt affiliated with that hospital either

Thanks guys! 

Re: can you take classes at a different hospital?

  • You can take classes wherever you want.
  • I don't see how it would matter where you take the classes. 

    Just call the hospital and ask if you can sign up for them.

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  • I don't think it's an issue.  I'm taking classes at a different hospital because it's closer to me, but I'm delivering at a hospital a little further away (if all goes well) because it has a NICU (just in case).  Of course you will want to take the hospital tour at the actual hospital your delivering at.  
  • My DH and I took a classes at two different hospitals, we just picked the classes that had the best days for us, and it was a problem that we weren't delivering there.
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  • image Nickav25:
    My DH and I took a classes at two different hospitals, we just picked the classes that had the best days for us, and it was a problem that we weren't delivering there.

    It was or did you mean wasn't 

  • The hospital we're delivering at charges $70/class (we wanted to take 2 different classes) so we took ours from a hospital about twenty minutes from the house that offers both classes for free. I kind of felt like we were somehow cheating the system (so to speak) but I really don't think it mattered in the long run.
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  • take the classes where they are best for you. it has nothing to do with where you are delievering.
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  • My DH & I are taking all of our classes at hospitals other than the one we'll be delivering at. Mostly because he works shift work so it's hard to find days that work and because the hospital I'll be delivering at is kinda small and doesn't offer a lot of the classes. Good luck & congrats!=)
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  • Check the policies on the classes you want to take. One hospital near my house says that they will only allow women planning on delivering at their facility, but the others don't have any clauses. My doctor actually recommended I go to a different hospital for classes since the one I'm delivering it has made some major cuts in their patient education budget and she didn't feel they were worthwhile. I think she recommended trying to do a tour and that's it (haven't even done that, not sure I'll get around to it)
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  • My FI and I just took our infant care class Kent County hospital even though we are delivering at Women and Infants.  They were really good and they even answered some questions about the hospital that we are delivering at.
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