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Think we picked a name

So after alot of research and consideration I think we have finally decided on a name for our little girl. I have read over many name lists and have asked DH for his opinions and tonight he said he had been thinking of names lately and was really starting to like (one that I picked) Julia...or Julie. I was happy he really actually liked one that I liked since the names he came up with on his own I didnt like at all. And I had been kind of leaning toward Julia. I said that now all we need to do is find a middle name and he said Noelle...which I had been considering as a middle name because it was one of the first girl names he ever said he liked and while I dont really want to name our daughter Noelle, I thought it would be fine as a middle name. And Julia Noelle sounds nice together. So I think this will be our baby's name. Yay! Now to work on getting the nursery done and all the other stuff we need to do in less than 10 weeks.
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