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If you had a big baby last time around...

Is your doctor giving you an ultrasound towards the end of your pregnancy to see how big the baby is getting, or is he just measuring you?  My doctor is currently measuring me, but I think I might ask for another ultrasound (even though they can be off on the size) just to give myself a heads up.  I had an 8lb 11oz baby but had a difficult labor and had a hard time getting him out.  He was finally born with the help of forceps.  I guess I am just trying to mentally prepare myself if this baby might be larger than my last.

Re: If you had a big baby last time around...

  • Mine isnt. I was worried and said if I could do 8.14 I could 9.5 easily. I guess we will wait and see
  • Each baby has been progressively bigger than the last. I'm just hoping that this one is not a nine pounder but instead stays about the same as his brother.
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  • Mine is just going to measure me and only do an u/s if I measure large.  I never measured large though and DS was 9lb10oz.  I figure if I can get him out, DD should be no prob.
  • My DS was 9 lbs, 8 oz and I ended up with a c/s.  I wanted to attempt a VBAC this time but it's not going to happen because it looks like this one will be big too and I have other issues.  I had a growth u/s on wednesday and she is already measuring at 3 lbs, 10 oz - 91st percentile.  I'll probably have another growth u/s at 36 weeks.
  • I have a really small build and my DS was 8lbs and born at 38 weeks. I tore really badly and had a rough time getting him out.  My Drs are saying to expect this one to be bigger even if it's born at 38 weeks, and even bigger the longer I go.  They are suggesting I be induced around 39 weeks to give me the best chance at pushing him out.  I'm kind of torn...

    ETA: One of the OBs mentioned doing an u/s but they feel that going on my measurements (which are behind, just like with DS) and history would be more accurate than an u/s at this point.

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  • DS was 9lb1oz and I didn't have any problems delivering him.  My abdomen was measuring right on course for both babies though I visibly look smaller this time (I weight 20 pounds less).  I'm hoping he's at least 8lbs- I like big, sturdy babies!
  • I will not. DS was 9lbs 2oz, and knowing that U/S are THE least accurate method of estimating size, I will absolutely not go by that, personally. Palpating by an experienced care provider is more accurate.

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  • my sister in law just had a 10 pound baby..after 30 hours in labor she had a cesection... they said he was so big he didnt even drop into her pelvis!
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  • I'm having an ultrasound at 35/36 weeks. My DS was 9lbs8oz at 41w1d so this time I will likely be induced at 40 weeks. DS had (still has) a big head and I almost needed a c-section last time. So glad I had the epidural when I was pushing him out. I haven't gained as much weight this pregnancy either, so we'll see if that makes a difference at all.


  • The doctor has just been measuring and I am already set up for my repeat c-section.  DD was 11 lbs. 9 oz, so I am just hoping this baby is smaller than she was! lol  I didn't have gd or anything, just had a big baby!  I am also going about 10 days before I am due.  Everything is looking fine and he said I am not measuring too big or too small...
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