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AF a week late

Okay so DH and I are on our third month TCC #1. I am one week late for AF and am feeling no signs whatsoever and am continually tired with no reason to be. I tested at 3 days late and got a BFN. Thoughts? Should I test again on Monday maybe?

Re: AF a week late

  • keep testing-if you get to CD 60 with no BFP call your doctor.

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  • You probably ovulated late.
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  • Test weekly until a BFP or AF. If you don't already chart, click on my fertility friend ticker and subscribe to the free course so you can start tracking you ovulation next cycle.

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  • image branmuffin2112:

    keep testing-if you get to CD 60 with no BFP call your doctor.

    This.  You probably just ovulated late which in turn will make AF late.  You could start charting your temps with so you can know for sure when you ovulate.  Click on my ticker to check it out.

  • Before you started TTC, were you on BC? If so, everyone will tell you that it can take up to a year to have "normal" cycles.

    Take a test once a week until you get a positive or AF. If you go 60 days, contact your doctor.

    At the top of the TTGP page, there is a link for newbies. It has some really helpful information.

    Most the girls will also tell you to starting tracking your cycle by temping or checking for other signs. You can sign up for Fertility Friend by clicking anyone's ticker.

    Don't fret. Take a deep breath. Let your body do it's thing.


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