3rd Trimester

I'm over buying new maternity pants

I literally wear 1 pair of black pants 5X per week for work. They are the only ones that fit me and that are comfortable. I'm DONE buying maternity pants. Anybody else in the same boat?

Re: I'm over buying new maternity pants

  • Totally done. I don't care if they fall apart at this point.
  • Yep, same here. I have two pairs of pants that fit me (3 on a good day) and I am not buying any more. My last day of work is next Thursday and I am just so glad I made it this far. I REFUSE to buy more stuff. 
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  • same here and that pair is getting snug :(

  • I love my maternity jeans and don't want to give them up post-baby.  HOWEVER, I have yet to find a pair of maternity slacks for work that are comfortable or stay up.  I have 2 pair that I wear in a pinch.  Otherwise, I have a couple pair of pre-pregnancy work pants that I'm still wearing unbuttoned with a bellaband. 

    I can't wear my pre-pregnancy jeans with the band, though...I guess the material is too heavy to hold up.

    I refuse to buy any more maternity clothes.

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  • Screw maternity pants, I refuse to buy more. If they're dirty I wear sweats.
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  • I bought a few pairs of regular (non-maternity) Old Navy yoga pants and surprisingly, they fit perfectly throughout my pregnancy. Big ol' belly and all! 


    If you unfold the "foldover waistband" and wrap it around your belly - instant maternity pants. And oh so comfy! 


  • Once my maternity work pants stopped being comfy I bought 2 pair of yoga pants that I now wear to work. One pair is black and the other is gray. I work in a office where this is frowned upon, but I only have a couple more weeks of work so my thought is who cares. I am also wearing tennis shoes. My maternity jeans are still comfy, but I figured I wouldn't push my luck.
  • Same here! This week I wore a pair to work and was like, this is the last time!!!! They were just too tight in the stomach.  I have 2 pairs left now.  With 6 weeks left I am not buying more!
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  • I gave in and bought one more pair, but that was several weeks ago and I am a few weeks behind you guys.  I was still digusted that I made the purchase.
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  • In the beginning I bought 3 pairs of maternity dress pants for work - 1 black, 1 grey, 1 khaki colored courderoy.   So far they still fit but if / when they don't, I don't know what I'm going to do. I only have a couple of cold-weather appropriate dresses and I can't wear leggings to work (corporate job).

    Just praying my non-maternity winter coats still wrap around the big old belly for 11 more weeks. I REFUSE to buy a maternity coat.

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  • I have one pair of very comfy maternity jeans. DH says "We should get you another pair". I'm like why I only have a few months to go lol
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  • I guess I'm lucky. I've been loving my mat clothes. At Thyme Maternity they have tons of 'before & after' clothes and some of my pants are so comfy I'll be wearing them after baby comes! =)
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