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anyone else have post partum anxiety?

i had very mild anxiety before i had olive but twice now when i have been at restaurants i have had really high anxiety with the feeling of agitation and confusion...i'm hoping it's just my hormones getting back into place...has anyone else had this happen?


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Re: anyone else have post partum anxiety?

  • I had anxiety for about the first week after LO's birth, mainly around the nighttime though, I havent been out much in public yet with LO, so I dont know how I will feel once I start taking him places.

    Ive heard that the more you do it, you get used to it, and the anxiety subsides



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  • YES!  I had anxiety around sleep!?  It got better around week 6.  However, now I have gone back to work at 8 weeks and its back.  I am so exhausted from getting up at night and then working all day.  I can't really fall back to I am running on low!?  Thinking about talking to my dr about it. 
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  • Yes!!! I had some anxiety that I took Lexapro for a few years ago. I came off before we started trying to get pregnant. Well after Lo's arrival I started to have anxiety again. I let it go until my pp check up. Spoke to my DR and he put me back on lexapro. I help off another week to see if it would subside but it didnt so I started it and I feel so much better.

    I am having a lot less useless worry and with work starting in a few weeks I feel like Ill be more calm to handle it.

    If it gets to be too much talk to your DR

  • YES! I have had anxiety issues prior to having Breelynne, but it was well under control (i had even come off of a prescription for it before TTC) before I became pregnant. She is now 8 weeks, and I went to my dr last week and he put me back on an anti depressant, which has helped. I was not only having anxiety, but my anxiety would come over me like a wave of nausea. I also starting have PPD, and I am glad that everything feels better.


    Hope you feel better!

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  • I had anxiety issues before I even got pregnant but the things that get me really anxious these days are taking LO out in public. If she starts crying and I can't soothe her right away people stare and give me that look of "Why can't you make that baby stop already?!" Why just today I was at the Pedi's office and she was crying in the waiting room and EVERYONE was staring at me! Seriously? This is a Dr's office for children. Ugh.

    Another thing is nursing in public, I just get too worked up about it, even though I have a cover, I still think to myself that people know what's going on under there and will judge. I really need to chill and just not give a damn about what other people think. 

  • So glad to see this post and know others are feeling the same way. I am seeing a doctor and a therapist about it. I had depression and some mild anxiety before I was PG, but this is an all-time high. I feel like I'm running on adrenaline/have butterflies in my stomach ALL DAY. Ugh.

    Totally agree with needing to chill and not care what others think. This is my problem too. I keep comparing myself and/or my baby to others, and it's not helping.


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  • yes - big time. It creeped up on my though. Lo is 14 weeks and I'm just realizing how bad it's gotten. The end of my maternity leave was pretty bad but I just blew it off as anxiety over returning to work. I have really weird visions and feelings that something really awful will happen to me and lo, or to lo and dh when they go out together so I freak out if he's going to take her somewhere. I've been talking to people about it and most people just say that's a normal part of being a mother. That's crazy - how could this constant feeling of doom and overwhelming paranoia be normal??  My husband keeps asking if I think I should just stay home with her, but I don't think that would really solve my anxiety. I've been anxious about being away from her or even having someone else hold her since she was born and I'm anxious that I or someone else will hurt her by accident even when I'm with her. Just last week when I was home alone at night with her I was changing her diaper when all of a sudden I had a vision of us having been murdered. I freaked out and carried lo around the house without a diaper to check all the doors to make sure they were locked.  That's when I think I realized I had a really serious problem. The good news is that I'm trying to get help. I started zoloft and I'm seeing a therapist today.  I have NO depression symptoms or thoughts about intentionally hurting myself or lo so I guess that's how this was missed when they screened me for PPD.  I thought my thoughts/visions were crazy, but if someone had asked if I was having them at 2 or 6 weeks p-partum I probably would have felt better about talking to someone about them.  Anyone else experiencing this type of anxiety?
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