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Hungry again?? Help

LO has been wanting to eat pretty much every hour since she woke up around 8 this morning. And did the same thing for a bit last night. She'll then fall asleep on the boob only to wake up as soon as I put her down. She napped for about 30 min earlier only bc I had my hair dryer on full blast. She's currently eating again but I don't hear a lot of swallowing... What do I do? Let her cry? ( dont know that I can do that...). Could this be her 6 week growth spurt? (she is 6 weeks on Monday). Help!
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Re: Hungry again?? Help

  • Sounds like growth spurt to me.  My LO gets like that when he's going through a spurt.  Good luck - it'll be over soon!

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  • Let her cry?! She's six weeks old and hungry. Feed her! It's a growth spurt and it'll pass.
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  • It sounds like a growth spurt to me also. Feed her, if you use formula give a little more than usual it'll keep her full longer so you wont be feeding every hour...or nurse till she doesnt want to eat anymore. She's a hungry growing little girl
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  • Agree! Mine has had 2 growth spurts, including right now. Feed on demand and be sure to keep warm (she tends to get cold in a growth spurt???) so she sleeps better. It will be over soon!
  • Thanks for the encouragement ladies... I EBF, so even though I feel like there's nothing in there I'll keep letting her try and hopefully my supply will catch up with her.  She only eats for like 5-10 minutes at a time and only on one side when she does this "every hour" thing, so I guess she's getting enough for what she's wanting at that moment?
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  • Honestly, just let her stay on the breast all day.  It won't last forever, if more then a day.  If she really isn't nursing then try to slip her a pacifier.  DS has done this, I just let him nurse as much as he wanted.  That was what he needed.
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