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Gestaional diabetes...

i need some tips on how to keep my bloodsugar lower...

my numbers are supposed to be under 90 after fasting over night and under 120 two hrs after a meal.. and they are staying high... right now it was 180 2 hrs after meal. I ate a bowl of cereal with 2% milk and a cup of sunny d... Could it be the sunny d

Re: Gestaional diabetes...

  • A lot of people have said that milk in the morning is not a good thing for a lot of women with GD. I have not had my "class" yet so I am not positive (I go on Monday morning for all the info.)

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  • It's most DEFINTELY the Sunny D.  Have you been to the educational class where they teach you to count carbs?  That really helped me.  You have to read the back of every single package.  I'm supposed to have 2 carb servings (30g) for breakfast, and 3 servings (45g) for lunch and dinner.  Pretty sure Sunny D (and all fruit juices) have way too many carbs.
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  • I'm sure when you go to your ed class they will tell you that the sunny d is a no no....You may have even gone over your carbs just from the cereal and the milk.  You will want to see how many carbs are in the cereal and make sure that the serving size is correct to keep you with in your limits.  Also make sure that you are measuring out the milk because that is a carb too.
  • I've been on my diet for a couple weeks now.  Even if i measure out my cereal AND milk, it's still always high.  I've come to the conclusioun that I just need to stay away from milk.  I've also realized that some things that should work for me don't, and vice versa.  Every body is different :)  

    I did really well the first week and a half on my diet, but the last few days I had a hard time with my numbers, so my doc put me on insulin :(  Hopefully you can figure out what works for you!  GL! 

  • I have the same problem and my dr sent me to a dietian.  Like the PP I have to have no more than 30grams for breakfast and 45 to 60 grams of carbs for lunch and dinner, 3 snacks of 15 grams of carbs each.

    You will have to check labels on everything and stick to limiting your intake of carbs. The dietian also told me if I found my level was high I should get out and walk for a while and then take my levels again. Luckily I only had to do this once. Darn that pizza!

  • I'm assuming you haven't been to your dietician appt yet?  Sunny D is definitely a no-no!!   No fruit juice allowed for me.  my diet recommends 30-45g total for lunch.
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  • It's all three but the Sunny D was probably the worst.  Cereal as a carb will definitely raise your blood sugar.  Milk affects some people differently but also has to be consumed in a more limited way than before.  In order to offset the carbs you need to start adding a lot of proteins and fats (preferably healthier ones).  Veggies are good too but you'll have to be careful about fruits as well.  If you haven't seen a dietician I would recommend asking your doc about that.
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  • It's the sunny D. Juice of any sort is a no no. Too high in sugar=too high in carbs.

    I personally don't have a problem with milk first thing in the morning. I usually have 1 cup of cereal with skim milk for breakfast, but also have to have a scrambled egg to balance the carbs with the protein.


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  • thanks for all the advice..

    Just went to my detician appt today. so now i know alot more than when i did. she did say no juice which is very hard bc i love juice..

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