3rd Trimester

My Inlaws are banned from the hospital

My family has agreed to help with DD and I just can not handle my in laws being at the hospital. My inlaws are divorced so instead of one monster in law I have two. I have always been treated like an outsider and my inlaws are constantly in our business and starting trouble in our marriage. They made no secret that NONE of them wamted us to have another baby because they think we can't afford it; DH and I are completely financially independent and never ask anyone for anything. They are absent from DDs life except for when people are looking and it makes them look good so I just don't feel comfortable with them being there. Am I being selfish? I feel sad because DH will not have family there but I don't want them there causing problems during this special time in our lives.

Re: My Inlaws are banned from the hospital

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