3rd Trimester

What do you have left?

Yesterday at work, someone asked the obligatory question, "Are you ready?"  I thought about it.  Up until recently, the answer has been, "Not at all!"  But yesterday I thought for a moment and realized that if Samuel were to get here tomorrow...we'd be okay. 

I still have some things left.  I did a little work in the nursery today.  I still have some clothes to wash, and I still need a rocking chair and a bookshelf for the nursery.  I'd like to have a pack n' play for added convenience, but overall...we have everything we need.  We could use some more bottles, but I will be EBF for the first 2 weeks. 

As for setup, we still need to get the baby monitor ready, and move the cradle into our bedroom (it's in the nursery at the moment).   I thought we had a good system for the changing table, but we'll probably have to do some organizing as soon as we get a routine down.  That's just one of those things you have to wait and see on.

I also still need to pack my bag for the hospital, but I'm going to work on that tomorrow.  It's going to involve a shopping trip, which means getting dressed and leaving the house, which just isn't on the agenda for today.  

We've installed the carseat, the bedding is in the crib, I get hit with a bag of diapers every time I open the closet door, I've run out of room for clothes at this point, and we have blankets and burp cloths out the wazoo. 

So the answer to "Are you ready?" Has upgraded to, "Well...yes!"  Smile  I can't believe he's almost here!  

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Re: What do you have left?

  • You are doing well!  I couldn't say "yes" until last week! 


  • I can say yes except for curtains in his room and my house isn't spotless because I really haven't had any nesting phases but I feel I'm ready.
  • Yay, I'm at basically the same place! (Funny, considering we have the same due date!) All we have to do is install the car seat (to-do list for this week), and the only thing I'd like to purchase beforehand is the swing. We still have our 2 showers, though, so I'm betting we get it at one of those. Other than that, I can't believe we are basically sitting on go!

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  • Sounds like you're doing well. Here's what I have left:

    -Wash clothes

    -Organize clothes

    -Set up swing

    -Install car seat

    -Pack bags

    Probably a few more little things I'm forgetting.


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  • Congrats!!  We are ready too!  Just got the carseat installed and inspected today. That was the final thing that had to be done. 


    Did you get your carseat inspected.  If not you should. 90% of seats are put in improperly......I had one of DH certified highway patrolmen/co-workers install it. Most infant deaths in car accidents are b/c improper installation.  Just trying to help!!  

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  • I am more thinking, since this is my 3rd pregnancy, am I ready for labor- no, not ever. That's the haunting thing for me! I relish the time that we had to get our rocker, crib, car seat, organize, etc... with our first son. I miss that. Even organizing for two boys when our second came along. Now, with our 3rd on the way & still working, it's really difficult to have time to prepare for anything - I'd love to be able to mentally get in the right mode for labor. That would be my wish. We'll see.
  • Yep, as ready as I'm going to get, mentally and physically.

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  • Yay good for you! I am due March 14th and i think we are pretty much set. We do still need to install the car seat & pack the hospital bag..but i wear alot of the same comfy clothes wk to wk so i dont know what to pack yet. I guess i could pack most then do the clothes later. I think i am ready, set up wise. But im not sure im ready giving birth wise..i am so nervous since this is my first!

    Good luck on yours! :)

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  • We just have to install the carseat - that's it!  We also have the hospital tour and breastfeeding class next week.  It feels great.
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  • Okay clearly I am a little bit further behind everyone who has responded but I have everything left. Nursery is still a playroom, I have no clothes washed, all of our baby stuff is still in the attic, I don't have a bag packed for the hospital...  But I have 11 weeks left so I am going to continue to put it off for a while longer!

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  • congrats! :)

    i wish i could say i was ready, but i havent even had my baby shower yet, soo needless to say i have nothing for my little guy. excpet some clothes and a changing table. which wouldnt get me to far if he decided to come soon.

    my shower is feb 20, ill be 36 weeks so after that i better get my butt moving on getting everything set up and ready! that gives me about 4 weeks to get ready. unless he comes early.

    i cant wait to be readyy! :)

    but good luck on everything else.

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  • We're not even close to being ready. We're moving this weekend, and we have yet to buy ANY furniture for the nursery! Supposedly someone purchased our crib for us, but seeing as I haven't seen it (or anything that confirms it), I'm not 100% convinced. 

    As much as I'm ready to meet my little man, I'm glad I still have 10ish weeks to go. 

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  • I wish I could say I was ready but I totally can't. We moved about a month ago and we are still trying to organize everything. We are finishing up painting the master bedroom and then will work on the nursery. We are currently sleeping in the room that is the nursery until our bedroom is done being painted. But we have a bit of time to go so I am not that concerned about it at the moment. We will get it done. I know we will.
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  • Good job! You're lucky. We have NOTHING done or bought for the babies. We're moving March 1st and I haven't had my shower yet. I am not too panicked though because it will work out.
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