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1st Birthday Party Advice PLEASE

DD's birthday party is in a month and a half... I'm having a party for her at a restaurant on a saturday afternoon... I have invited about 75 people (majority are adults)... what could I possibly do for entertainment? There will be only 3 kids (including my LO) so having a clown or elmo just doesn't seem right but I don't know how to entertain all these adults besides feeding them a meal... I hate party planning!

Any advise for me?

Re: 1st Birthday Party Advice PLEASE

  • I wouldn't really worry about entertainment; I think LO will be enough entertainment. :) I would just make sure to visit with everyone- do most of  them know each other? Maybe some kind of introduction? But then again listening to 75 people introductions is a lot. Sorry, I'm not much help!

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  • I'm thinking about having a "reading" booth.  I will have a bunch of children's books and a tape recorder and microphone.  People can take a turn going in to read a book on tape and also leave a little message for DS.   That way I can play stories for DS read by people who love him.  We live away from all our family so I want DS to hear his family's voices.  Granted, we're not going to have 75 people

  • I was going to suggest you google "big group games" or something like that. Maybe just find an ice breaker type of game that would be fun. But I agree with both PP. And I LOVE the book reading idea!!!
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  • For only 3 kids depending on ages I would just do something small for the kids and gear something for adults. Probably just serve beer/wine and have light background music to make for a relaxed & mingling environment.

    If the kids are old enough (obv. not your lo) I'd do a table for coloring, crafts, etc.

  • Do you know how to belly dance?


    j/k - I would not worry about entertaining adults over dinner.

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  • It's at a restaurant. which is more geared towards chatting.  Just let them eat and chat, and make sure you make the rounds of speaking to everyone.
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