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Anyone going on a babymoon?!

I'm 6 days away from being in my 2nd trimester (woohoo!), and I am feeling a strong urge to have a little getaway with just my hubby and I before our baby comes.  Is anyone else planning on having a babymoon, and does anyone else want a vacation as bad as I do?! 
I am so in love with my precious little miracle!

Re: Anyone going on a babymoon?!

  • DH and I are looking at going to Florida in March or April. We have not been on a extended vacation for quite sometime.

    So looking forward to getting somewhere SUNNY! :-)

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  • We did it with #1. It was great - just one night away at a fancy hotel in a nearby town. We ate a fab dinner, had crazy pre-baby sex, and slept in. It was wonderful.

    Seriously, just one night was all I needed. A week would have been great, but I take what I can afford :)

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  • I'm totally jealous!  Florida sounds like an amazing destination for a babymoon!  I'm having trouble convincing my hubby to take any time off work because he wants to save his days for when the baby is born (can't fault him on that)...but I feel like I need a real vacation now! 
    I am so in love with my precious little miracle!
  • Yep!  We're planning a getaway to Prague at the end of May.  I absolutely cannot wait!
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  • I keep hinting at it, but with how DH's work is structured (100% commission salesman) & his travels as a coach, we're limited with how much time we can take.  I think I might take my own mini vacay or tag along with my parents when they go to FL in April.  Wink
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  • We had already booked a cruise but I'm not 100% sure we are going. The cruise line ok' d me st 26 weeks but I want to talk to my OB and then obviously see what happens as it gets closer to our sail date. We have travel insurance in case we can't go. I would not book a vacation specifically because I was pregnant since as PP said MH wants to save his vacation days and just the expense of a trip could go to so many other things. My parents are paying for the cruise and we weren't sure Id even be pregnant by July when we booked.
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  • It's going to depend on money.  We plan on doing some minor fixing up/remodeling to the house before the baby gets here, and right now that's more important than a vacation.  But we know this will be our last opportunity for a "just the two of us" vacation for a long time, so I think we're going to try to squeeze something in, even if it's just for a few days.
  • We did with our first pg and it was soooo worth it! We did a week at a resort off of Portugal and it was so nice just to relax and take it easy together. I am hoping to get away (maybe for a night or two if my parents or my ILs offer to come visit for a weekend in the coming months and watch DDs) this pg but we'll see...

    Hope you enjoy your getaway!! Cool

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  • I had actually planned a getaway for our anniversary on August 31st before finding out we were expecting -- and we are having our planned c-section the week before that!! So...I'm going to try and schedule it a couple months before, knowing that I won't be able to go three hours away from home when I get past 30wks (pre-term labor complications) but we'll see!!

  • I am almost 9 weeks and we just planned a trip to Key West for April!  I am so excited and ready to get out of the cold!  I have several friends who took these trips and really encouraged it.  This is our first one, so I think the time to ourselves will be just perfect!
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  • My fiance and I are going to Disney World together for the first time.  I want to go and enjoy it for us because after we have this baby it'll all be about him or her. :)  I'll be 15 weeks and LOVING Epcot's resaurants.
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  • We are seriously considering it ... if we do take a babymoon it will have to be sometime this spring since DH deploys this summer and won't be home until sometime before the baby is due.

    We love to cruise - so it's certainly an option for us ... just depends on how my high risk OB feels about me traveling out of the country :)


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  • We usually go on vacation in August. I had a few ideas earlier this year but they kept seeming to be not as fun if you were pregnant. And now we are pregnant - so - I don't know. I want to go somewhere, just the two of us, but it is difficult to figure out where.
  • We're going to re-live our honeymoon. Stay in the same cabin, go to the same fab restaurant, and all that. We went to Premier Carriage House Cottages in Berlin OH. It's in an amish community, very peaceful, and the cabins are amazing. We had a fireplace surrounded by a moat and fountains! The Inn at Honey Run has a wonderful gourmet restaurant right down the road. Can't wait to go back!!
  • Congrats!  My DH and I went on a babymoon to Cabo, but we waited until I was 30 weeks along...not the best decision.  We wanted to go on a cruise in hopes of not having to walk much, but cruise lines require documentation that you are not past a certain number of weeks, I think it was 20! 

    By the time we actually went I was huge, Cabo was hot and humid, and all I wanted was to be back at home.  However, the pools were fantastic at our resort and it is fabulous swimming pregnant!  It was an interesting experience :)

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  • We went to NYC at Christmas time with four first one. It was tons of fun seeing all the holiday decorations and massive amounts of shopping. We selected my push present on 48th street. Great time! This time around aim not planning on a trip. I think we will do a Cabo trip after the baby comes.
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  • Wow...we live in Ohio too, and were thinking of renting a cabin in Hocking Hills!  I think I'll check into the Premier Carriage House Cottages given your great review though!
    I am so in love with my precious little miracle!
  • Cool, I hope it works out for you! Hey, if you stay in the red cabin, leave me a note in the guest book, that would be fun:)

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