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What do you wish you had done differently (gear wise)?

I wish I hadn't bought a travel system.

I should have just gotten a convertible car seat and a Moby.  Isla didn't even ride in the travel system much before she could ride without the car seat snapped in.  We carried her or wore her in a Bjorn, which sucked.  I should have just bought the expensive Moby I wanted and a convertible seat!  I probably would have spent less.

Now we have an infant seat to store.


Re: What do you wish you had done differently (gear wise)?

  • I hate my travel system too. Srsly my dumbest baby purchase. I wish I had just bought the infant seat and a lightweight/smaller stroller.
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  • I'm the opposite. I wish we would have bought a snap and go frame. We have a beautiful stroller that had a snap and go option until the base of the carseat was recalled. I should have just asked for my full refund on everything and bought something else.
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  • yeah, we have used the stroller that goes with our travel system twice! the snap n go was definitely a great purchase! also, the swing was a total waste of money :/
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  • If I had known that I was having another baby so soon I would have gotten an infant carrier/travel system that could be converted to a double stroller. Apparently Evenflo doesn't cater to those of us that have more than one LO at a time. I think I'm in a tad bit of a pickle. Other than that I was a minimalist with gear.
  • I'm almost the exact opposite.  I wish I had a higher weight carrier (I love that thing in the winter, I'm going to be so sad when she reaches the weight).

    I wish I never purchased a Moby, Bjorn and Mai Tai. Cause no matter what DD just would not be worn.

    I wish I didn't listen to everyone when they said "don't buy anything we want to get it for you for your shower" and just bought all our gear when the consignment store near me when out of business.

  • The snap and go option is nice.  I just didn't use it for long.  And my travel system is really pretty and I like it.  I just didn't need to get it, lol.

    That said, I know I won't be able to party with the seat and we'll use it for the next baby too.  I'm sentimental with everything of hers.

  • We got our money's worth with the travel system. I would have done without the baby bjorn - used it once, kid hated it. I kinda wished I had gone the sling route, just to see if she would have prefered that.

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  • Well ourtravel system was a waste and I actually sold the stroller part, we just took down his crib and replaced it with a mattress on the floor and he hated his swing and bouncer though we got those for free. So yeah I should have bought my bigger bed long ago and good carriers because he only ever wanted to be on or with me lol.
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  • I couldn't use the Baby Bjorn.  My husband could, but it killed me.  I lift very overweight people and scoot them, get them out of bed, etc.  My lower back is a total mess.  Baby Bjorn just made it worse!
  • I would have gotten a Moby right away, instead of "researching" baby-wearing options for months. Having the use of my hands and a happy, sleeping infant gave me my sanity back. I also would've skipped the high chair and just used the travel seat hooked up to our kitchen chair. We don't have nearly enough room around the table for the high chair and it makes me nuts...but we still use it for lack of anywhere to store it!
  • I thought of another one; I wish I just got a Rock and Play to use as a bassinet and travel bed.  I needed the RNP for reflux and it would have been sooo much easier to grab her out of that instead of a bassinet
  • I wish that I hadn't bought all the fancy bedding for DS's crib. I have never even used the bumper pads (because I found out after buying them that they're not recommended), and the blanket is really stiff and he prefers a soft fleecy one. So we don't really even use it. For my next LO, I'd like to get a sling of some type so I can do more babywearing.
  • See I loved my travel system.

    I do wish though  (if I had all the money in the world) that we got the BOB stroller and the Ergo.

    Also a nicer baby swing, that DS could actually fit in being a preemie (he loved swining, but ours was to much of a bucket seat)

  • I loved my Moby and my snap n go, though I didn't get to use them long (my baby is a serious chunk).  I do wish I didn't get so many baby wearing options too--though I mostly got them cheap or free.  I only used the Moby, after I hated the sling. 

    I do wish I had not gotten any swings (we had 2) or a bouncy seat.  He refused all of that.  I also wish we hadn't gotten the baby bjorn travel crib, because it was expensive (even though we got it half off) and we've only used it once. 

  • I agree about the travel system. I hated using the stroller that came with mine. It's so big, bulky & heavy. I LOVED my snap N go for running errands/doctors appts, etc and I LOVE my BOB for longer walks (we only use the BOB now that LO is no longer in his infant seat!)

    I could not of lived without my infant seat, especially since my LO always fell asleep in the car. It was nice not having to wake him up to get him out of the car.

    My Tummy time mat was a total waste of money! He hated it and we always used a big blanket instead.

    We got a snuggle nest as a gift and my DS hated it! I thought it looked like a great thing to have especially when he was a newborn and I nursed him 24/7 but he always slept better in his bassinet.

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  • image Brandi Bee:

    Oh, I also wish I'd gotten one of these:

    And I'm going to next time!

    I love it!! Much longer than the one I have. I might have to get one of those before May. I'm always worried about my backfat hanging out when I'm nursing out and about.

  • The bouncer was a waste of money. Neither of them care for it.
  • I wish we had not bought the snugride 32. The regular snugride would have been fine. We switched her to a convertable at 6 months anyway, and the 32 was heavier. Plus, it didn't fit in somethings because it was so freaking big.
  • Ergo instead of a Baby Bjorn.  That's all, luckily, I love everything else!
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  • I never bought a stroller in the beginning. Most strollers don't recommend being used until they can sit up or unless the stroller could recline fully. I read the BBB...Baby Bargain Book and it recommended to all parents to not buy a stroller system. It's like the #1 mistake of first time parents.

    My biggest "mistake" purchase would be my swing. I think we might have spent $39 or somewhere near there. She never really liked it. We got our bouncer as a gift but that would have been the next thing that kinda was a waste too. She used the bouncer more than the swing, go figure...and the swing was the one item we purchased for ourselves.


  • The swing we bought (second hand) was the best investment ever. DS took every single nap in it until he was 3.5 months old. He was a very fussy, colicky guy and it was the only thing that made him happy.
  • I would've skipped registering for the travel swing. I thought it'd be nice to be able to take from room to room around the house, but DD1 didn't really care for it and we never even brought it out for DD2. Our full-size swing got lots of use.

    And I wouldn't have bothered registering for bottles. We still have unused Playtex drop-ins and liners b/c both of my girls refused to have anything to do with them. I picked out the bottles *I* wanted to use, when the only bottles that got used were the ones my babies wanted (Medela, both times). 

    Other than that, we've done pretty well, I think! 


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  • the crib! biggest waste of money and least used piece of baby gear.

    and i wish i would've started using a good wrap earlier. 

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  • I can honestly say, all the gear we have, we love, and got good use out of. We even still used our bouncer up until about a month ago.

    I wish we'd had the ability to buy our crib earlier. Jack has always napped well, but having the crib has made everyone's life so much better and easier. 

    The only thing I really regret is buying so many toys with batteries. No, it's not a sanctimonious natural toy thing; batteries are just expensive to replace, and all Jack's favorite toys use them. :X

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  • image NastyAnnie:

    I can honestly say, all the gear we have, we love, and got good use out of. We even still used our bouncer up until about a month ago.

    I wish we'd had the ability to buy our crib earlier. Jack has always napped well, but having the crib has made everyone's life so much better and easier. 

    The only thing I really regret is buying so many toys with batteries. No, it's not a sanctimonious natural toy thing; batteries are just expensive to replace, and all Jack's favorite toys use them. :X

    I totally agree with the batteries. I told all my family at xmas if they bought any electronic toys that they had to buy at least 2 set of replacement batteries for said toy. I was 1/2 joking but most of them understood and actually bought them. It was nice .

    I wish my SM would have listened when I told her that I didn't want a travel system because #1 I don't have a very big trunk to store it #2 the strollers are heavy and bulky (which goes back to #1) But NO she had to have it because it was pretty and the snap and go looked cheesy and cheap to her. 

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  • Another vote for the travel system. It's a really nice stroller, but it's just too bulky. The car seat was good. I wish I had bought the car seat and a snap and go instead.



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  • i replaced everything that I regretted with the stuff i would've rather had and wished I had gotten in the first place.

  • Our travel system for sure!  Although to be fair, I didn't buy it or even pick it out.  MIL bought it about 2 days after I found out I was having a girl.  The stroller is kind of crappy, it does not steer well and is bulky.  The infant car seat was complete crap--the least user friendly piece of baby gear ever.  I am so glad to see that thing go, even though it means not being able to carry her into the house or stores when she is asleep.  Knowing what I know now, I'd have just gotten a nice Graco or Combi infant seat and held off on the stroller until she was 5-6 months--I still rarely use a stroller.

  • I wish I had bought a Moby from the beginning instead of the infant insert for the Ergo, luckily I borrowed a Moby until I found a great deal on one.

    I also would have skipped the vibrating chair that matched our swing, I bought a bouncer at a consignment sale that we used until his butt hit the floor.

     I would have skipped the cute matching mobile and bought a battery operated one.


    Overall, I did great.  I LOVE my uppababy stroller, and I just (as in yesterday) switched from my infant carseat to a convertible. 

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