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T&P please - friend lost baby @ 22 weeks.

I'm absolutely  heartbroken for my friend.  She and her DH were supposed to find out the gender on Monday, and I messaged her to see if they'd found out yet because I didn't know what time the appointment was.  She said it was a girl and that there were complications and she'd call me with an update.  When I didn't hear from her, I figured she was probably just dealing with whatever the issue was, so I didn't want to bother her.  Her mom called me today to inform me that their little daughter was born alive and that they were able to spend a few hours with her before she passed.  I don't know any details, but it was due to a lung issue. :(

 I just cannot imagine. I can't wrap my mind around how horrible this is for my friend and her family and I can't stop crying when I think about it.  If you can spare any T&Ps for her even though you don't know her, I know she would really appreciate it.  Just pray for her to find healing and peace soon.  Thanks.

Re: T&P please - friend lost baby @ 22 weeks.

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