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AT&T ugh

I HATE talking with AT&T on the phone. Customer service sucks!

And..... I'm on hold :(

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Re: AT&T ugh

  • Switch to Verizon. Seiously. AT&T blows

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  • It's not my cell, it's my TV and Internet. They are totally screwing us.
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  • 1st They ask you (at the beginning of the call)  if you want to give them permission to 'Share' products and services with you. --What they are really doing is sharing your information with other departments in their company which only takes a few months to show up in your mail box and email cache. (p.s If you tell them no they will try to back you into a corner and say they can't discuss your account if you don't give permission..Not true, read your terms and conditions and look for the OPT out website)

    2nd The TERMS and Conditions is REALLY at TERM CONTRACT for a YEAR that has a contract cancellation fee of about Prorate $150 for the year you signed for. --What this means is if you decide you want to leave them they will bill you for the early cancellation.

    3rd When you call to cancel your service because they keep RAISING your bill. They will shut your phone off. They will not explain why and will usually take about 4 days to send a tech. to fix the issue. 

    4th They hate loosing customers so never agree to PORT your old number to the company that you are leaving them for. They also hate loosing numbers. 

    5th Always ask for a confirmation number after you make changes to your account and always ask for a confirmation that your internet and phone have been cancelled. 

    Just don't mess with ATT, they are jerks and I know this.


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