Has anyone experienced?

Hi everyone,  I got my blood test results back today and it is really hard not to just sit here and cry. I tool two 2.5 Femara pills for days 3-7. It seems I did not respond. It is so helpful when the NP from the RE sends a message that says looks like you are not ovulating with femara either!!...Thanks I needed two !! that makes me feel so wonderful, NOT!!!!!Has anyone else not responded on the first round of Femara but had another round and responded? It is so hard not to get emotional and feel like I am broken. I am trying my best.

Re: Has anyone experienced?

  • I never took Femara, but I never had any ovulation response until I started injectibles (and then with my IVFs, I over-responded).

     I know its hard, but hang in there.  Unfortunately its common for some folks to have no response on low dosages.  I'm assuming its your first cycle, and it sometimes it takes a number of cycles for your RE to find the right dosages for you!

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  • I can't really help, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry you have to deal with this. IF sucks! ((hugs))

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  • I had a much better response to Clomid than Femara.

  • Unfortunately, I did not ovulate on clomid either. My numbers did go up a little but I did not ovulate. It seems I have not really responded with the Femara either. I was hoping they would try a higher dosage, but, they want me to come in an reevaluate everything with the RE. 

    Why does that make me nervous? I just wish everything would work. I keep getting told my eggs look great and that all we need to do is get me ovulate. Wow, they make it sound so simple.

    I appreciate everyone's feed back and words thank you! 

  • I barely responded on clomid (got 1 follie on day 17) and didn't respond at all with one of my injectable cycles.  People respond differently and even respond differently to the same med during different cycles.

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  • I'm sorry.  Sounds like you might need something more aggressive, but every cycle is different.  Hang in there.

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