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Tell me if you think this is weird..

I don't post on here that much, but you ladies are a fun bunch, so I figure I'll get a little more active.

Anyways, my ILs are pretty into decorating for Christmas. Like, really into it. They're the people with a whole city's worth of lights in their front yard, and a blow up Santa with his sleigh and reindeer. Whatever, it's Christmas, I get it (sort of).

So this is what is weird to me. They do that for EVERY holiday. Even the not-really-a-holiday holidays. We were just over there the other day, and they have their whole house decked out for Valentine's Day. I didn't even know you could buy all that stuff for V-Day. They've hung banners, and put all their family photos into heart-themed frames. I think it's bizarre. And they do this for every holiday. Well, except St. Patty's. Because they're hardcore Southern Baptist, and they don't likes them Catholic Irish (btw I'm as Irish as they come on my mom's side, though not Catholic. Imagine how THAT went down when we showed up in St. Patty's day gear last year.).

So please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks that is weird as all heck.

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Re: Tell me if you think this is weird..

  • to me, yes it's a bit weird. but that's just because I'm hard pressed to find the time to switch out my door decoration for holidays, lol. maybe they really really like decorating? and electricity bills?
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  • That is weird. I get Christmas, and even Halloween, but I would think a few small decorations for V-Day, and the other holidays. 


    I am really only good about decorating for Christmas, but I'm going to try to get better at decorating a little bit on other holidays now that I have a baby. 

  • Very.  I get Christmas and Halloween but any other holiday, weird.  I also don't understand knick knacks and clutter like that of ANY kind though ever in my house.
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  • It's strange...there's a house I used to drive by regularly that did the same thing - every holiday, including St Patty's Day, was decked out beyond crazy. I think the guy used to actually make some of the decorations in his workshop! And at Christmas time they even scheduled open house I never stopped to take a closer look! 

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  • It's only weird that they purposely leave out SPD. Kinda dumb really. Otherwise I say live it up, decorate to the hills if you want. I'm happy to enjoy the fruits of someone else's labor! Just as long as I'm not the one who has to clean it up afterwords.
  • Do we have the same ILs?!  MIL is crazy about this - she had 3 trees for Christmas if that gives a picture.  I think decorating is cool, but she definitely goes way overboard.  We always joke that they are like the Griswolds of [insert most recent holiday]. DH and I are lucky if we get something hung on the door!
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  • My MIL does this and I used to think it was odd, but it never bothered me.  Now, she brings LO a gift for EVERY holiday... and it's usually some sit around knick knack.  So now I think it's obnoxious.  I think I'll let it go on for the first year, and then say something like, "we don't want LO to get too spoiled and expect gifts every month..."  I mean, MIL brought her some stuff "for LO's room" for Thanksgiving, and LO was ten days old!!  I worked hard on her nursery theme, I don't need to figure out where to put this stuff!
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