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XP: Looking for opinions on our nursery...

I'm getting ready to place my order with an Etsy seller, and I just want to make sure I'm 100% before I do so because this will be custom made = not something I can return if I change my mind!

Here's the furniture collection we are going with for sure:

Originally this was the plan:

I wanted to make a pleated bed skirt with the first link as the main fabric, and the second as the fabric in the background of the pleat (I'm going to do a light pink fitted bed sheet for sure):

And this fabric for the changing pad cover:

But now I'm wondering if it's all going to be too much for a small room, and if I should reduce the 3 fabrics to 2.  I LOVE the second link (the paisley like one) and so would do that one as the entire bed skirt, and then either pick the first link or second link for the changing pad cover.

This Etsy seller is also going to be making us a blanket so I'll get all the fabrics in the blanket, but for the rest of the room, should I go with my original plan or just pick two fabrics?  Which 2 fabrics would you pick for a little girl?


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