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What does Mastitis feel like?

My right boob hurts, but I can't figure out why. It's kind of a dull ache, and fairly localized. There's no visible bruising or any other kind of mark, and I can't feel anything odd inside my boob.

Mastitis? Clogged duct? What do you think?

Re: What does Mastitis feel like?

  • if its clogged its painful even when LO is eating. 
  • I think that's how my mastitis started out.  Then it proceeded to hurt more, become hard (like it's engorged), red, and warm and it was very painful to breastfeed.  I waited too long to go into the doctor though and ended up with an awful fever, chills, and the worst body aches ever.  Maybe try some warm washrags on the area if it doesn't let up.  If it gets any worse I would give your OB a call.
  • maybe its just a clogged duct. mastitis felt painful in my boob (with a huge red spot) and you feel like you have the flu. a very bad/run down flu. go pump now as much as you can...
  • I had mastitis about a month ago. It began with a strong ache in my breast in a particular spot around 4pm. I continued to nurse regularly. I woke up at 1am with serious chills and shaking, pulled on my robe over my pjs and threw on another blanket. After I felt less shaky, I nursed the baby. My breast seriously hurt at this point. I slept fitfully until 4am and nursed her again. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I called the dr service at my ob/gyn (it was a sunday) at 7am. Because I had the shaking to bring the fever up overnight, I felt very sore and achy all over the next day, just like the flu. I had my prescription and started taking it at 10am. My fever was 101 all day until about 6pm when it spiked to 103. I brought it down by striping off layers and using cold cloths on my face and neck. The entire next day I ran a 101 fever but had a touch more energy. The breast pain was most intense the first day and just a bit less so the second day. By the third day, the fever was gone and the pain was there but less intense.

    I continued to nurse regularly through all this, and we made it through. But I NEVER want to experience it again!

  • OMG.

    This sounds awful. 

    Ok. I think I'll let it go through the night and call my doctor in the morning if it's not any better.


  • Mine started when I noticed a lump about the size of a quarter on a Friday.  Then over the course of the weekend it grew to the size of my palm and I felt exhausted and wiped out like I had the flu.  My skin was also hot to touch and splotchy red.  I EP, which made it even harder to clear out.  I finally got a 'script on Monday and it started going down by the next morning.  I feel like I spent days pumping an hour at a time with hot packs plastered all over me.  For me, it felt like hell.
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