Postpartum Depression

Has anyone quit antidepressants cold turkey for the entire 9 months?

I stopped taking my Wellbutrin and Abilify when I found out I was pregnant.  After reading up on the side effects, etc., I just don't feel like it's fair to the baby for me to take medicine.  I know that some people may disagree with this, but I'm having a hard time making the decision to take antidepressants, even though I really feel helpless.  I have no interest in anything and it's hard for me to get things done.  I find myself just letting deadlines for schoolwork, for example, pass me by.  I often have a hard time getting up in the morning, and I'm actually ready to quit my doctoral program, but I can't for fincancial reasons (which is a whole other story).  My husband is frustrated because I just lay around all the time when I'm home.  Part of that is being sick, but a lot of it is just general apathy.  I guess what I'm trying to ask is has anyone found alternatives to medication during their pregnancy?  What did you do?  How did it go?

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Re: Has anyone quit antidepressants cold turkey for the entire 9 months?

  • I had stopped taking antidepressants in April and got pregnant in October. I didnt do anything except use lavender and meditate. I honestly felt the best I ever felt anxiety and depression wise during my pregnancy. PPD hit me hard right away but the hormones I was getting extra is what my doc said probably controlled my previous issues. Good luck. But some meds are safe while pregnant

  • I stopped taking wellbutrin right when I found out at around 6 weeks. I felt the best I felt in years during my pregnancy. My ppd started around 4 weeks  pp and I started the wellbutrin right away. It only took a few days and I felt better. I also didn't suffer many withdrawal symptoms when I stopped like I have in the past. Talk to your doc about a safer med if you don't feel right. Wellbutrin can cause withdrawal in babies if taken in the third tri. Good luck!
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  • I quit almost cold turkey...weened for about a week after i found out i was pregnant. it made it worse. i was so miserable and depressed utnil about 5 months preg. if i were to do it again i think i'd stick with the meds, a pregnancy safe one though. things did get better but now i think i'm having issues again and baby is almost 2 months. going to talk to someone cause i'm bfing and i don't want to take meds yet.  good luck and just keep doing things that make you happy and get out in the sun if you can!
  • I quit my Lexapro cold turkey and that was special.  I don't suggest doing that.  Blah.  Anyway, I would talk to your doctor and see about safe meds during pregnancy.  Do you have any other coping strategies?  Prayer/meditation, exercise, support group, therapy, a hobby, etc?  Maybe if you can up your non-medication "feel goods" it would help enough.  Side thought:  February might not be the best time to cold turkey anti-depressants.  Maybe find something to take until spring?  
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  • I quit everything I was taking when I found out I was pregnant a third time.  I was on the highest dose of zoloft and wellbutrin as well as xanax and ambien.  It was extremely painful for the first few weeks as far as the withdrawals go.  After that, I felt pretty good.  I didn't start meds again until right after she was born.  That was doctor's orders because of my history with PPD/PPP.  
  • if you read all the info on these meds they all say NOT to quit cold turkey, this is very dangerous for you and the baby. these meds need to be stepped down with the dr's supervision. (just make sure the dr knows what they are talking about. mine didn't) when i stopped cold turkey i had severe withdrawals and suicidal thoughts. there are meds that are safe during pregnancy and changing over to them should be your first step. I wish my dr had known this!


  • I was on four pills a day and quit them cold turkey, DONT DO IT! My doc told me that I could safely ease off them, but this baby is my first and I freaked out. I was so incredibly sick for the next week, I could barely stand up I was so dizzy and nauseated. I told my OB about my anxiety and they have helped me monitor it, they told me not to hide it if I feel I need something to help because there are meds out there that are perfectly safe to take. I haven't taken them up on the offer, I continued with therapy for a few sessions, then when I started feeling better I started yoga and water aerobics, and I am taking a meditation class soon. Try doing anything that brings you happiness, big or small. Treat yourself whenever possible and ask for help if you need it. I am still a paranoid freak about a lot of things and dealing with some PTSD but I cry it out when I need to, and if I need meds I will ask. I reccommend you just talk to the OB they really can do a lot to help : )  


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  • When I found out I was pregnant at about 5 weeks, I quit taking everything cold turkey - Lamictal, Lexapro & Xanax. I felt *fantastic* throughout my entire pregnancy. I didn't have any withdrawl symptoms, I wasn't gloomy or anxious at all... I wish I could say I felt the same now. I don't know what the "turning point" for me was, but I can honestly say that right now, I am absolutely the MOST depressed than I have ever been in my life. It does not help that I have a completely unsupportive spouse in all aspects of my life right now. The only thing that's keeping me hanging on is that baby. So for me, it was fine for me to stop, but that only lasted for so long...
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