Postpartum Depression

Zoloft week 2 day 3.

Gonna' make this brief.

I should have known that yesterday's good day would not transfer into today. I was a horribly cranky and angry person this morning, and made DH take care of DS because I was desperate for sleep. I didn't get ANY last night.

When I woke, I felt really bad that I was such a biitch to DH, and couldn't tolerate DS. I still wanted nothing to do with the two of them, but I packed up DS and went to my mom's and met with my sister because the power was out at her house.

Last minute arrangements were made for tonight to celebrate Chinese New Year with my MIL (She and DH are Chinese) instead of tomorrow. She made us dinner. It was nice, and I warmed up to it a bit. But overall, today was not the best of days..

Today I don't think the Zoloft did anything for me. I just felt miserable mostly. And now I am unbelievably tired, which is the only good thing about today because I think I might actually get to bed before 11 PM... That's unheard of.

Anyway... Happy Chinese New Year. Thanks for tolerating this pointless post.


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