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This may sound strange but lately it feels and looks like I can see my baby girls heartbeat. I can actually feel her when she turns into a certain position and the movement feels like a heartbeat her hiccups are much faster. I can even feel it on the my belly is this strange I dont remeber this with either of my sons. My due date is Feb21 and my ob visit was cancelled due to this crazy texas weather.

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  • I doubt that you could be feeling the baby's heartbeat....but it's neat that you're feeling such unique movements from your LO. Maybe your OB can give you some insight at your next appointment.
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  • DH thought this at one point.  But I am fairly positive it is my own heartbeat!  All of the increased blood flow to that area could probably explain it.
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  • Doctors will always tell you it's impossible to feel the heartbeat, and you'll find certain mothers who swear up and down that they could feel it.  So you decide. Smile  I can't say since I'm not a doctor and haven't felt what you're feeling, but a lot of the time when a woman thinks she's feeling LO's heartbeat, she's actually feeling the placenta or her own pulse.  Or in a few cases, it could be LO sucking on their thumb. 
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  • I am now thinking the same thing I just got thru reading that at the weeks I am at the placenta beats and thast what Im feeling I was getting worried because every female in my family has a heart condition. My boys have actually had an ultrasound to confirm their hearts were fine so fair my little girls heart is perfectly formed so I am going with the placenta. Thankyou for the advice
  • I just have to comment, because my name is Dezaray and my b-day is Feb 21st. Found it interesting. Good luck!Cool
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